What is Forbidden Chapters

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Forbidden chapters is...well...quite simply...forbidden chapters.

After considering it for a good while I have decided that I would like for the Midnight Mafia trilogy to remain appropriate for all audiences. The reason is very simply because stories deemed "mature" cannot show up on the featured list, the what's hot list, what's new, undiscovered, etc. Showing up on those lists helps tremendously in reaching more readers.

Rather than removed these "fun" parts all together I decided we should have our cake and eat it too. I get to remain appropriate to all readers and you still get the chapters that several of you have been requesting. I don't know how many of these chapters there will be, this will be for book two, and if and when we ever get to it book three as well.

I will post the ENTIRE chapter here, this way you don't have to read part on the main book, jump over here to read the sexy part, and then jump back over there to read the rest of the chapter. I will post all EXCEPT the inappropriate parts in the main novel, therefore those who have no sexual reading desires or those who are under age can still read the suitable chapter.

Please do vote and comment, but I would prefer you do so on the main novel, and not the forbidden chapters as the main novel is what I am invested in promoting. Voting, commenting, and adding stories to your reading lists help them to grow in popularity, reach more readers, and in my case will hopefully help pave the road to professional publishing. Remember folks, voting for novels you appreciate is like tipping your waitress, hair dresser, or pizza delivery guy. By no means necessary, you'll get your pizza with or without a tip, but voting shows authors who are presenting you material they've worked hours, weeks, and months on for FREE that you appreciate their novel. You get to read the work with or without the vote, but voting shows appreciation and also helps them to achieve higher stats. Please tip your favorite writers on wattpad by voting. It's freeee.

If you are under the age of 18 please read no further than this as the chapters to follow will contain sexual content, curse words, and other mature situations not deemed suitable.


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