Bruce sighed heavily and stepped up. "Chris. If we tell you, we're going to sound crazy." He rubbed his hands together nervously then adjusted his glasses on his nose, pushing them up slightly. Usually when he was afraid he was going to get punched in the face he would take them off, and although that fear was present currently, it wasn't his biggest concern.

"I do not care. You broke into my home and you are searching through my stuff! I did not give you permission to do so, therefore this is against the law!" He chuckled and grinned in an almost devious way. "And you do not know who are messing with."

"That's what we're trying to find out!" Tony shouted. All eyes in the room quickly turned to him, but he kept his gaze fixed on Chris. "We came here to find out if you and Tom are aliens! You know, from outer space?"

Everyone dropped their head and looked at their feet after they heard Tony say that. It sounded even more ridiculous out loud. And it didn't help that Chris busted into laughter either.

"Laugh all you want," Tony said while crossing his arms. "I was being serious. Right from the beginning of the school year I suspected something. Bruce and I made a team to find out whether or not you guys were aliens. And I would say that we had no proof at all and it was a lost cause, except that the proof is everywhere!" He began to walk slowly around the room while he spoke.

"First I catch two 'FBI' agents, who later turned out to be SHIELD agents, snooping outside a classroom that both you and your brother were in! Then you two, no on else, just you two, get pulled out of my window by a secret organization that no one knew about! Then we found out this big nameless organization was SHIELD. And SHIELD is a lot bigger of a deal than FBI or CSI! So we decide to be good friends and we go to SHIELD, and we save you!! And while there, we're practically told your aliens! If it were any more obvious it would've punched me in the face!"

After Tony finished his rant, everyone just stood there with their jaw hanging open. They were all so stunned. Sure, they already knew that information. But Tony had probably never been so serious around them before. All of them stood in silence for about a couple minutes before Chris broke the silence with obnoxious laughter.

Tony's head shot around to Chris and he frowned. "What? Why is this funny?" He looked at everyone else. "Is this funny?" He waited until they had each shaken their heads then turned back to Chris. "What? What is it?"

"Oh Mr. Stark." He patted Tony's shoulder. "My brother and I are not aliens." He gestured towards the living room. "Come my friends, I will tell you what's going on." They were going to find out eventually anyway. Why hide it anymore? He just had to make sure they could keep it a secret.

After everyone was seated on a chair or the couch, Chris turned to them and sighed quietly. "Before I tell you anything. I must be sure I can trust each and every one of you. I cannot have this information getting out. My father and my brother would be very angry."

Everyone nodded. "You can trust us, Chris," Nat said. "The things said in this room won't leave this room." She disguised her utter shock the best she could. She couldn't believe Tony was actually onto something. But she also couldn't believe Tom wouldn't tell her about this something.

"Ok," Chris pulled up a chair and sat down. "First thing you should know is that my name isn't Chris." He waited for a moment to see if there was any reactions besides eyes widening and quiet gasps. "My name is Thor, and my brother's name is Loki."

Bruce raised both eyebrows. "Aren't those names from Norse mythology?" This was already really weird, and Chr- Thor hadn't even revealed the biggest part of the secret.

Thor nodded. "Yes. You could say my brother and I come straight out of that mythology. Except we're not fictional."

Tony scoffed. "So you're telling me that you're gods?" No way. No way in hell. Aliens was far-fetched, but gods? That was batshit crazy.

Thor nodded. "Demi-gods actually. I am the god of thunder and my brother is the god of mischief."

Steve shook his head. "That can't be. There is only one God."

"I'm sorry to break it to you Steven, but there is not," Thor said with a slight chuckle.

Clint opened his mouth to speak but lost the words he wanted to say. He was in total shock. How could this be possible? These two guys acted like total buffoons the entire beginning of the year. But somehow they were gods? No way. This was a lie. A joke. "You can't be serious right now," he finally said.

"I'm very serious, Clint." Thor stood and took a step closer to his friends. "I would not lie about this."

"But you have been!" Tony said quickly. "We asked where you were really from. During that game of truth or dare! Right before you got kidnapped!"

Thor pursed his lips and shrugged. "Well, except for then."

"And weeks before that as well." Nat crossed her arms. Ok, she may be hiding a lot of things, but this was ridiculous. How could Tom hide something this big from her?

Thor nodded once. "Yes yes, but never mind that. I'm telling you now. I'm not lying. You all deserve to know, considering you were so insightful and at least realized something was up with us. Also, you got us out of SHIELD."

"Yeah, I still can't believe we did that." Tony said. SHIELD was a highly guarded facility. How did a bunch of teenagers get in and out without a scratch? It was almost as if someone just allowed them in. Maybe SHIELD knew they were coming. He could've come up with a million other reasons, but he had to shake the thought out of his head. What was going on right now was much more important.

Before Thor could open his mouth to speak again they all heard the door creak open and lock. Thor walked over to the living room door and saw his brother hanging up his coat on the rack. "Brother," he said with a hint of nervousness in his voice. "I thought you were at a party?"

"I was. But some idiot called the police. I luckily snuck out before I was caught." He began to walk towards the living room, but Thor put his arm out and blocked him. He squinted his eyes at him. "Let me through, brother. I would like to watch some television."

"Loki, you should know something before you go in there."

"You have guests!" Tony shouted loudly. He folded his arms behind his head and leaned back on the couch.

"Is- is that Stark?" Loki pushed Thor out of the way and walked in. He stopped short when he saw all of his old friends there. Each one of them was staring at him like he had 3 heads. He quickly turned to his brother. "What is this? Why are they here?"

"We broke in," Nat said in a cold way. She stood and walked over to Tom, or should she say, Loki. "Thanks for telling me you're a god, by the way. That's something a good boyfriend would tell the person they're in a relationship with."

Loki gasped and turned away from Thor to Nat. "I-I," he glanced at Thor. "You told them?" He said angrily. "You big oaf! Why would you?" He ran a hand through his hair then turned back to Nat. "I'm not sure what to say."

"How about goodbye." She gave him one last dirty look before turning and walking out of the living room. She walked right out of the house and slammed the door behind her.

Loki moved to go after her but was stopped by someone putting their hand on his chest. He looked to the side to see it was Clint. "Get off of me!"

"Sure. But don't you dare go after her." He moved his hand and quickly followed Nat's path out of the house.

"What the hell just happened?" Tony asked, standing up.

"I believe my brother just got dumped," Thor stated.

Loki stared angrily at the door where Nat and Clint just ran out of. Not only was their cover blown, but he just lost one of the only people that actually made him enjoy his time on Midgard. He was going to get revenge. He wasn't going to let this go. This was all Thor's fault. If only he had kept his big fat mouth shut. But nooo! He should've expected this. Now what was he going to do?

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