Chapter 3

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Dani could almost feel the color draining from her face, "W-what did you say?"

"You heard me, Panda Eyes," Jax whispered.

"P-Panda Eyes?"

"They were the first thing I noticed about you. I noticed other things too. Want to know what they were?" Jax asked, his gaze drifting over her.

Dani suddenly felt exposed and she blushed, "I'll report you."

"Report me? For what? Calling you out for being a liar? Please do so. Do you even know my name? You'll need it to make your report. It's Jax by the way. Detective Jax Michaels. Don't forget it."

"That's a dumb name."

"I happen to like it."

"Well it's memorable at least. It'll be hard to forget being sexually harassed by someone named Jax."

Jax chuckled, "Noticing what's out of place about someone isn't sexual harassment. You're wearing gloves when it's not cold. What does that tell me about you? Maybe you're afraid of germs? Looking at your hairstyle and bitten nails, you don't seem overly tidy so that can't be it. When you served me and my partner coffee, you stood as far away as you could from us. Your friends back at the diner said that you're afraid of people. Judging by how you've been yelling at me, I find that hard to believe. You seem like you have a lot of secrets."

"Stop it," Dani croaked.

"You have dark circles under your eyes. They're so dark even your make-up can't hide them. So you must not get enough sleep. What is it? Drugs? Is that how you knew that Lobos Locos member was a murderer?"

Dani's fingers itched to make contact with his face.

Jax tilted her chin up with his hand.

She jerked her head back, "Don't touch me."

He didn't seem offended, "Interesting. Do you not like people touching you?"

"Don't read too much into it. Maybe it's just you. I don't want you touching me."

"Now that'd be a first," Jax said wryly as he held onto her arm. "Hold still. I'm not letting you go until I know the truth. You seem like a runner and I've had a long night which is turning into a long morning. I don't exactly feel like chasing after you."

"If you don't let me go, I'll scream," Dani threatened while looking around to see if anyone was around. It was almost seven in the morning but the crosswalk they were standing at was deserted. It was a fact Jax was well aware of.

"Nice try, Panda Eyes."

Dani stopped struggling and raised her chin, "You think what you're doing is okay? I already gave a statement. I saw him pull the gun and necklace from his pockets. You can't keep me here with you. It's wrong."

"Says you," Jax muttered as he tightened his grip on her arm.

"Officer? I'm so glad you're here," Dani smiled, looking past Jax's shoulder.

Surprised, Jax quickly let go of her arm to see no one was behind him. He cursed under his breath and spun around to see Dani racing away from him.

"This isn't over Panda Eyes!" Jax shouted as he watched her turn a corner. "Panda my ass. She's more like a roadrunner."

He walked back towards the diner and whistled, "Well roadrunner, eventually I'll find you. I know where you work."


Later that morning, the piano notes echoed around the Maestro as he drove home. He had passed the home of his previous date. He'd be lying if he said it hadn't given him a thrill to see the small crowd huddled together outside her building. Fools. He did that. He made that happen. People assumed he hated women. They were wrong. He loved them. He loved them so much that he wanted their hearts. He was still looking for the perfect one. The perfect heart that would beat in tune to his own. There had to be someone out there for him. All he needed was one woman to make him feel complete. To help him forget his past. To forget the woman who refused to share her heart with him.

He turned down the main street towards his home. That's when he saw her. She was alone. He considered stopping but squashed the idea. He had enough fun that night. Too much joy would spoil him. He couldn't help but look at her from his rearview mirror as he drove past her. She would eventually become one of his dates as well. Maybe he'd save her for last. He couldn't quite figure out what it was...but there was something special about her. Yes, perhaps she'd be his last. Dani Deleon was worth waiting for.

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