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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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this is currently being edited and I'm gay (female) so these sex scenes were a little difficult to write.

anyways enjoy


One more minute, just one more damn minute.

I pleaded in my head. But my clock protested and continued to ring loud and obnoxiously. I groaned and looked at my alarm. It was 6:30. Screw me and my obsession for being early. I groaned and rolled out of my bed and headed for the bathroom.

My hair that was once in a ponytail was no scattered carelessly across my face. I brushed my teeth thoroughly and washed my face before heading into the shower. I planned the rest of my day inside my head. First, I need to finish that essay, give that package to Brittany, then go to work, fake a smile, come home and sleep.

Oh and eat, I cant forget that. After I finished pondering on the creation of world I began bathing myself. As soon as I was finished changing and such, I gracefully moved out the dorm room down to the cafeteria. I hate college. With an undying passion.

My sister, Jessica was sitting in a chair, stuffing her face as usual and her glued to her IPad. I joined her, grabbing an apple.

"Hey ugly," she muttered, mouth full, not looking at me.

"You know I hope one day you say that, thinking it's me, but it's not and you get jumped by a group of manly looking girls." I said squinting my eyes up at her. She glared at me, attempting to stick her tongue out at me, but was stopped by the overflow of oatmeal.

Very un-ladylike. I grimaced before adding.

"I'm going to the Library to finish my essay, care to join?" I bit into my apple then frowned. I picked up a green apple. I hate green apples.

"No thanks, I have plans with Josie." She said wiping her face with a napkin. "Jessica you always procastinate and you need this grade." I said, dropping my apple on her empty plate.

"I'll eventually get to it, jeez you're such a nag. Now go on and finish your essay. I promise I'll be done by 5." She stood to her feet, black hair tangled in front of her face shielding her brown eyes. I stood as well, determined to get to the library as soon as possible.

Upon my arrival, I was unfortunate to also run into my Journalism teacher. "

Ellie, is your paper finished?" She asked me. Ms. Henson was old, but didnt look it. Her hair still had a fair amount of color, and her wrinkles varied across her face. She walked with no difficulty and still wore 3 inch heels as if she were still in her twenties.

"I'm right on it, Ms. Henson." I muttered, waving my Mac computer in the air slightly for proof. She nodded in approval, and I smiled shyly before making my way to the computers. Across from me, a group of unknown people around my age sat.

They all looked confused and I eyed them all carefully, still trying to turn on my computer to begin my essay. None of them looked familiar, but they all looked foriegn. One of them caught my eye, of course. He had deep midnight black hair, with the deepest blue eyes I've ever seen. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully, glancing at his friends. His lips were pressed into a thin line, and he looked angry.

He started to speak but I didnt understand.

It wasnt English. Piglatin? Gibberish? No perhaps French. He looked up and his eyes caught mine. I clumsily and unnervingly redirected my attention to my computer.

What kind of look was that?

A stranger look?

An interested look?

Of course not. I'm acting like I've never seen a boy before. But his eyes....I looked back and he was still staring.

Shit, shit, shit.

His head was cocked to one side. He looked relaxed. Maybe he was a vampire. He inhaled deeply, and I saw his chest rise. Heartbeat? Nope. Werewolf? Stop it Ellie! You and your vivid imagination. I scowled at myself. When I looked back up. He wasnt looking anymore. Thank the Heavens. I began typing my paper. Writers block...damn writers block. I picked up my water bottle and began knawing at the cap.

"You know you can make your teeth crooked by doing that." I heard a voice next to me. It was a deep voice. Manly. It was mystery boy!

"Old habits die hard," I whispered. He smirked, and i flushed heavily. I prayed he didnt notice. "Writing an essay?" He asked, looking at my computer which was blank. "Attempting to. Are you new?" I asked, swallowing hard. Get a grip Ells.

"I suppose you could say that. I'm apart of a foreign group. What's your name?" He asked trying to look into my eyes.

"Ellie," I said, but it came out more like a whisper.

"As in Eleanor?" He asked, a smile across his face. I hate that name.

"Ew, and yes please dont call me that ever." I said groaning, rubbing my forehead with my hand, to shield me from him.

"Why? There are great people named Eleanor. Eleanor Roosevelt for example." When I looked at him again, he had scooted closer. Shit.

"Please, you sound like my mother," I grumpled. "So you think differently?" He asked. Why was he here? Talking to me?

"Absolutley, it sounds old and overused." I said. He made a noise, he was laughing at me? Punk. "I'm glad you find me amusing," I muttered. He opened his mouth to say something, but a girl from the group said something to him. It was a different language.

"You're Italian?" I guessed.

"French," He corrected me. That was embaressing.

Oops. I pressed my lips together and actually attempted to do my work. He walked over to his group and they all moved out the library. Why did he come to me? He needed a friend? Was it a dare? Hold the phone- why was I actually caring and overthinking this?

IT'S JUST A BOY! Jeez, I'm never getting this paper done.


This chapter is still being edited along with others so if you see any errors, please comment so I can see. Just comment error, thank you

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