The Proposal

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A single rose lay on the bed, the room alight by candles. Ginny Weasley entered, her bedroom, her lips formed in a perfect O. 

"Harry?" She called to the empty room. She moved closer to the bed and picked up the rose with the intention of smelling its sweetness. Before she could however, she felt the hook at the back of her neck, and the gentle pulling of the portkey transporting her to her destination. When she landed gracefully on a highly polished floor, a round of applause filled her ears. Startled she looked around, her friends and family smiled at her. She picked out a few faces, Bill and Fleur, her parents, Luna and Neville. As she spotted Hermione, the other girl winked at her a she pointed her wand and muttered an incantation transforming the simple clothes Ginny was wearing in to an elegant gown. 

With a smile, she looked around for the one face she wanted to see, needed to see. The crowed parted, mutters echoing around the room and Harry walked passed smiling faces to stand in front of her. Without saying anything, he dropped to his knee, and pulled out a ring. 

"God I hope you say yes," he said with a grin. receiving chuckles from the watching crowd. With tears in her eyes, Ginny fell to the floor and embraced him in a tight hug.

"As if I'd have any other answer she whispered, accepting his proposal much to the delight of the cheering crowd.