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"you are not going any where with that whore mouth of yours!" he yelled.

I was bit surprised at the name he just called me but I just reached for the front door handle and opened the door slightly right before he slammed it shut.

"this is bullshit!" I yelled.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward him. He grabbed my waist and threw me over his shoulder.

I screamed and hit his back but it didn't faze him. I groaned and stopped as he began to walk up the stairs.

he walked to my room and threw me on the bed.

"you are to stay in this room for the rest of the day. I will bring you food. you are lucky I'm not taking away your laptop. no inappropriate websites young lady." he said, walking out of the room, leaving me to process what just happened.

I heard him walk to his and moms room right across from mine, he closed the door and it got quiet.

did that just happen? me and Vic just had our first fight. Wow.

god he was turning me on so much when he got angry. his face was getting red and sweaty, he even had a little vein pop out of his neck. he is like a sex god.

I don't think I will be sexually stable if he stays in this house any longer. I have to avoid him so my mom doesn't find out that I want to touch his soft pink lips and pull on those long wavy strands of hair while he pleasures me.

I am one screwed up daughter.

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