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Werewolf Rule Number Ten: after mating, mates are normally inseparable. The female will go with the male if he is from another pack. Males and alpha gene carriers are mostly affected because of their dominance and will be extremely over protective.

(Maia’s P.O.V)

I can’t believe I’m moving to New York. This whole mate thing is moving way to fast, I mean I enjoy it but omg it seems next we will be talking about babies and I know I’m definitely not ready for that, I’m not even seventeen yet, wow my mates coming up twenty-one, paedophile much, but hey, who can blame him, I can be very tempting when I want to be, speaking of my mate I wonder why he’s hesitant to tell me about his business in New York, oh well, I have to pack my whole closet, which might I add is huge. Two hours later, I’m finally finished; all my stuff takes up seven giant suitcases, and now I have to say my good-byes. I go down stairs to see my mom and Kate crying, and all my brothers, and I mean all nine of them, and my dad standing around awkwardly, I go up to each of my friends and give them a hug and then go to each of my family members and give them a hug and a kiss. We take a chauffeur as both mine and Connor’s cars have been sent ahead, we get to the airport and are immediately boarded onto the plan, we are in first class and I cuddle up to Connor, we watch a movie together. I wake up, I’m being carried bridal style and I begin growl, “Babe, were home” a husky voice in my air whispers, I open one eye and look around, we are in a mansion that is design all in black white and red, “do you like it” Connor asks, “Babe it’s awesome” I say pecking him on the lips, he takes me up to his room, our room should I say, and I see our bags have already been brought up, I walk over and pull out a small lacy night gown. I strip off and hear a gasp, I turn to see Connor staring at my body, I smirk and put on the night gown.

I walk over to him and kiss him, he picks me up and we are at the bed in an instant, and two nights ago happened all over again. Its early hours of the morning and we have finally stopped I cuddle up to him and fall asleep. When I wake up next I roll over. Connor’s gone. I sit up and throw off the covers. Then I hear a light knock on the closed door.

“Come in.” I mumble.

“It’s only me.” He says and brings in a tray loaded with food. I run up to him, bare feet hitting the wooden floorboards and then I take the tray, which is surprisingly light and place it on the chest of drawers near us. He reaches out and tugs playfully on the lacy hem of the night gown. “What? You didn’t have enough of this last night?” I ask pushing myself up to him, as he trails light kisses down my neck and gently sucks on my bite mark. I smile and pull away, only teasing him for fun. I run out of the room and towards the grand staircase squealing like a little girl as he gave chase. He caught hold of my wrist, pulling me back. “You do realize that we aren’t the only ones here right?” he whispers into my ear.

I stop dead in my tracks and peer over the banister, a small group of house maids giggle to each other. I glare at them until they run off pretending to do some sort of cleaning. “House maids” I mutter under my breath now feeling really nervous and really under dressed. “Now, now Babe, we don’t talk about them like they are inferior.” Connor says taking my hand and leading me back to where I was. Once in the room I dared not come out again. I go and have a bath in his gigantic tub, it has to fit a fully grown alpha and Connor is huge. I fill it with steaming water, and add bath salts and rose petals, I grab my iPod and get in. after about thirty minutes I get out  because I don’t want to get all wrinkly and look like a shrivelled up old prune. I wrap my towel around me and change the song to tonight by Enrique Iglesias, and put on a pair of lacy purple underwear and begin dancing while looking for an outfit to wear. I eventually find a very tight black spaghetti strap tank and a pair of skinny jeans I put them on and sneak out of the room. I tip-toe along the hall and down the stairs to find Connor, he is out on the decking with six or seven pack members. I almost immediately recognise one or maybe two of them. They are obviously having a pack meeting. I begin to turn away but something, maybe instincts are telling me to go investigate. So I do.

I open the French doors and stand there, catching the attention of the pack members, except Connor and Tyson King, by leaning up against the door frame and saying Hi. I toss my fair hair over my shoulders, flirting without saying anything. Connor then looks at me, almost shocked at what I was wearing or that I was there at all. His face goes all goofy and he cannot stop himself from smirking at me. I walk over to him and pat his cheek. “Close your mouth, I’m not kissing someone who catches flies” I say seductively, his face scrunches up in a scowl and I wink, he sighs and puts his arm around me and says “boys this Maya, Babe this is ---”, “what the fuck is she doing here” a male voice booms cutting him off, I turn and gasp at him.

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