《Chapter 08》

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The final exams are rolling in and (Y/N) seems to be having trouble. She wasn't having trouble with the exams, but she was having a trouble with Korosensei. Why? Because Korosensei had given her too much homework to do. Right now, Korosensei is tutoring class E by doing multiple clonings. (Y/N) noticed Karma's seat was empty. Actually, Karma's seat was empty since this morning. Nobody knows where he is beside (Y/N). She sighed as she remembered what happened this morning at the forest with Karma.

(Y/N) walked casually to class E until someone pulled her to the forest. They stopped at the middle of forest, far from the other class E students.

"What do you want, Karma-kun?" asked (Y/N) with a surprised tone.

"Not much. You know that the final exams are coming, right?"


"Well, I want us to have a bet.," Karma smirked.

"Bet?! Are you sure? You knew that I always won every bet that you made with me," said (Y/N) confidently.

"Yeah, yeah. I know about that. So that's why I want to make a bet with you. I will win the bet this time."

"Oho...you sure have too much confidence. But fine; whoever gets the lowest score has to do what the winner wants."



"(Y/N)-chan, are you listening what I'm saying?" She turned her attention back to Korosensei who was in front of her, crashing her train of thought.

"I'm sorry, Korosensei."

"Pay attention to the subject, (Y/N)-chan. You know that we have to beat class A, right?"

"I'm know, Korosensei. I was right there when class A made a bet with Nagisa and the others."

Time skip (after school)

"(Y/N)-chan!!!" (Y/N) turned and saw Kayano.

"Kayano-chan, what happened?"

"Well, since you are the smartest girl in the class, can you tutor me and the others?" asked Kayano.

"Of course. You guys just have to come over to my house."

"Thanks, (Y/N)-chan!" Kayano hugged her and told the others who also wants her help.


"(Y/N)-chan, I don't understand this one." Maehara showed the problem to (Y/N).

"Well, you just need to use this fraction to solve the problem." Maehara seemed to understand what (Y/N) said and tried to solve it.

"(Y/N)-chan, thanks for tutoring us," thanked Okuda.

"No problem, Okuda-chan. But why did you guys invite Karma to my house." (Y/N) pointed to Karma who was sitting at the couch, watching them study.

"I'm sorry (Y/N)-chan. Did I make you uncomfortable?~" asked Karma.

"Yeah. Very uncomfortable," replied (Y/N) irritatedly. She got up from her seat and took a book to throw at Karma. "If you come to my house, please help me teach the others since you're smart too! Karma, you will tutor Maehara, Nagisa, Isogai and Nakamura, while I help everyone else."

"Eh?~ So you admit that I'm smart, huh."

"Don't forget about our bet."

"Don't worry (Y/N)-chan. I will win anyway." Karma walked closer to her and whispered in her ear, "I will win the bet no matter what and make you mine."  



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