The Bad Boy Returns BoyxBoy

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[2014 edit]  I've been meaning to do this for ages. You know when you have a nag in the back of your mind and it's just continuously there? 

Well here I am. I'm back with this story and i'm editing it.  I wrote this ages ago when I was a lot younger so for any grammar, spelling mistakes and whatnot. I'm going to try and fix. I won't be making any changes to the plot because that will take more time and I'm really working as hard as I can on 'FTDOH'.  Since this story was getting more and more popular I felt somewhat guilty that people would be seeing how shitty my grammar was back in the day. 

Time to change ----- woop.

"Jasper, we're leaving now" Dad yelled up the stairs which made me mutter a few swear words in his direction. I looked back at myself one more time before deciding that I looked half decent so I went downstairs to join my parents who were probably red-faced with impatience.

Just as suspected, my sister was bouncing up and down with excitement and beside her was my parents dressed formally, as-per-usual, going to my dad's boss' house.

"Jasper, about time! Jesselyn get in the car and you too Jasper" Mum ordered. I did a nod then reluctantly followed Jessie out of the house and into our fancy car which my dad honours just as much as his boss; sometimes I refer to him as the boss's bitch. He expects a promotion and the man he works for is a hard-core business man who will let no one stand in his way of getting what he wants, his daughter Angelina is apparently so beautiful that one time a guy asked her out, her dad made the boy's parents send him off to an all-boys boarding school so I'm going to have to not stare at her for the entire night and not 'show my dad up' as my mum and dad keep sticking into my brain; it's not me whose always getting hyper crazy it's Jessie. Whenever I go to help her I always get caught in the crossfire which hurts my reputation.

As we drew nearer to the house, more like mansion, I felt the rise in tension within the car. I debated whether or not to get my phone out and start texting my friends.

"You know the rules, no messing about, address people as sir and madam, Jasper the boss's daughter Angelina is strictly off-limits also try to keep on the boss's good side, his wife as you know died in an accident so you must NEVER bring her up and as for his son, you do not start fights, you do not swear and you address him like a gentlemen also...please try and keep a hold of yourself and keep Jessie with you because she will go off running" Dad barked orders making me roll my eyes immediately.

"I'm right here you know" Jessie grumbled. She was only seven but she was hyperactive which was a majority of the time; we've already had to change her dress 3 times in the hour at home because she kept running around getting things spilled over it or falling over.

I was in a black tux but with a black tie not a bow tie like my fathers and I wore my hair gelled nicely so it looked smart. I only agreed to wear it instead of jeans and a t-shirt because I admit I look good in a Tux. Even at my age you can't help that immature thought pass through your brain of looking sort of like James Bond.

For Dad's bitch- I mean his boss, he had bought a very expensive and one-of-a-kind bottle of Whiskey which Dad had searched for weeks to find but finally found it in the nick of time.

We got out of the car after passing through security. Dad looked to me, straightened out my blazer and examined himself in the rear view mirror before getting the delicately gift-wrapped present out of the boot. He hadn't trusted us with it in the back of the car. After he gave the gift a once-over he smiled contently and looped his arm through my mums before beginning to stroll to the front door. Jessie stood there pouting; like she had been neglected. With a roll of my eyes I held out my hand to her which she hesitantly took.