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Today's the day and there is no going back. I just need to face my fears and go for it. You can do this Nico. You can do this.

I was practicing my song when Percy came barging in making me squeal and drop my guitar.

"Dude don't do that." I told him, picking up my guitar.

"Sorry but campfire's soon and I just wanted to make sure you weren't backing out." Percy explained.

See I had told Percy, Annabeth and Piper a while ago because it was eating me up inside and I needed to tell someone. So I went to them and explained everything earlier today.

I shook my head and smiled at him. He returned my smile.

"PERCY!" Annabeth came running in.

"What's up?" Percy asked, concerned

"They started campfire early and we're all late so come on!" She ran back out before we could answer.

Percy looked at me and I shrugged. He came over and pulled me up from my bed and "dusted" me off. He left his hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes.

"You have got this and if he doesn't say I love you too we will kill him." He said, seriously

"Thanks Perce" I smiled.


"Woah there kierra you got skills!" Percy shouted, "Anyway up next is the one and only son of Hades NICO DI ANGELO!"

My legs shook as I stood.
Come on you got this and if he doesn't say anything don't break down. Do NOT break down.
I stood beside Percy and he put the mic back on the stand.

"This goes out to that guy that has someone else and doesn't notice you!"

Half of the girls screamed a yeah at me and a few guys could be heard to. I laughed lightly before I started.

OKAY NOW IS THE TIME WHERE YOU LITTLE MUFFIN PEOPLE HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE SONG. Okay so listen to "blame it on the rain" by he is we. Then the male cover by Tom Morison. NOW you can do just the male OR both. YOU CHOOSE.

As the last word came out of my mouth everyone was silent. I looked up and they all started to slowly clap then cheer. I was smiling but then I saw it. Leo and Kierra were fighting at the back of the campfire.

" Thank you!". I quickly added

I walked down to near the back and listened to the argument.

"Are you gay or something? What the hell was that?" Kierra whisper yelled

"I'm bisexual there's a difference get it right!" Leo fought back

" you're an idiot and a liar. You say you love me but you don't you love him!" She choked out.

"I'm sorry." He whispers in defeat

"I am too.". Was the last thing to be said

I then heard her walk off and Leo curse in Spanish.
I walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder. Leo turned to look at me. He gave me his best fake smile and fell into my arms. We slowly sunk to the ground together.

"You're amazing. you know that right?". I whispered to him

"You are too." He whispered back

I pulled out of the hug and held his face. There were tears in his eyes and a sincere smile on his face. All I wanted to do was kiss him. But I settled for another hug.

Not today Nico. Not now. Not yet.

Oh what is this? The end of part two you ask? Yes yes it is. Part 3 coming soon and then the story will be finished.

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