Aphrodite 3

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"TOMORROW IS THE DAY I CAN'T WAIT!" Aphrodite screamed, flashing into the room.

Athena, Poseidon and Apollo looked up at the goddess.

"Well that's wonderful we can't wait!" Athena replied calmly

"THEY ARE OTP!" Poseiden provided

"This will be fun to watch!" Apollo chimed in.

"GREAT! Meet me in my room tomorrow night at campfire time because they're in for a hell of a ride!" She squealed, flashing out

"Finally she's leaving the poor boys be."

"It's been so frustrating!"

"OTP Poseidon really? Did you have to go Aphrodite on us?"

Ah the gods are relieved and so am I. Gosh this is going to be over faster than I thought. I cri

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