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I could see that Nico wasn't happy. Every time I hugged or kissed or even talked to kierra he looked down. He only did that when he was uncomfortable. Which is strange because he was fine around hazel and frank. How can kierra and i be any different?
It was almost special campfire day and Kierra and her friends were talking about it as I sat with Nico at campfire.

I pushed him with my shoulder, "Have you picked a song yet Neeks?"

"Um well I have like a day so yeah obviously!" He smiled.

As the campfire went on I could see Nico get tired. By the end of the campfire Nico had fell asleep against my shoulder. Now if this had happened before Will would have carried him to his cabin. But now it's just me. So I carefully hooked my arm under his legs and one around his back and lifted him. I adjusted him slightly before walking towards Kierra.

"I'll see you tomorrow." I kissed her cheek.

She smiled and gave me a small okay.

I reached cabin 13 and put Nico in his bed. I looked at him for a minute then I leaned down and kissed his forehead. As I walked away I couldn't help but think baby bat wings

dat ending doe. Wow I'm LAME. okay sorry. Hope you enjoyed even a little. Also there will be long and short chapters. It just depends. Love you all

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