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I'm the third wheel
Well no duh
I'm alone
Tell yourself something you don't know.
He'll never like me back
Woah there way to stab my heart and shatter it into a million pieces. Oh gods I think I'm dying

My cabin door opened and I froze in my spot. I breathed in and out before turning to the person. Leo.

"Where's your girlfriend then?" I spat, he looked taken aback

"She's doing family stuff...and since when did you get all snappy with me?" He shot back, taking a step towards me.

"Since I started third wheeling idiot!" I laughed bitterly, pushing past him and turning, "Close the door when you leave for me would ya? Thanks doll."

I walked away angrily.

I saw Will standing by the lake. Everything was a blur and before I noticed what was happening I was standing kissing him. When I pulled away I punched him in the face.

"How could you let me do that?" I screamed at him

"I uh well you kinda surprised me." Will stuttered, making hand gestures

"Just..just stay away from me." I said over my shoulder as I walked away.

As I walked back to my cabin I saw something that made my heart ache. Leo and Kierra were kissing and giggling.

"GET A ROOM!" I shouted, with a fake laugh.

They turned as I walked towards them. They were both blushing and fiddling with their hands.

"Hey Leo sorry about earlier I just ugh my mind is really messed up right now!"  I confessed.

"Should I be worried?" Leo asked

"No but if it happens again yes." I explained.

Leo gave me a smile and wrapped his arms around both of our shoulders.
"TIME FOR CAMPFIRE!" He shouted, pulling us forward.

Hope you enjoyed

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