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It took a week for Kierra to get me out of bunker 9. She came at dinner just as she promised every day until I came out. When I did the smile on her face was so wide and she jumped around. I laughed at her childishness and followed after her.

As I walked out of the forest i saw Nico sitting at his cabin.
"HEY NEEKS YOU COMING?" I shouted, grabbing Kierra's hand to stop her.

He looked up and smiled, "Leo finally!"

"Yeah yeah now come on." I rolled my eyes.

Kierra and I talked as we all walked to the pavilion. When we got there i looked to see that Nico was already walking towards the "big three" table.

I walked Kierra to her table. But instead of sitting with my table, I sat at Nico's old table. Everyone threw me looks but I just continued to eat my pizza.

Kierra had asked me if I wanted to go for a walk with her before campfire. So there I was walking hand in hand with the Aphrodite girl across the beach. Surprisingly she was more like Piper than the rest. Less gossipy. She was actually more interested about my inventions. So we found a nice spot to sit and I talked about my new ideas. After I tested her and she copied me word for word. Adding a few crazy hand gestures here and there, which made us both laugh.

When she was finished I just sat staring at her. She smiled nervously and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. I was about to lean forward when I heard people shouting. Before I could stand Kierra leaned forward and pecked me on the lips. She stood up and walked away quickly and all I could do was stare after her. It was great but there was one thing missing.....

The spark.

Well then. This is an emotional rollercoaster for you and me both my friend.
I hope you like it <3

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