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Hey, friends! 

I have some super exciting news to share with everyone, but first I want to put things into perspective by giving you a timeline:

I was fifteen years old when I started writing My Life with the Walter Boys

Sixteen when I started posting the rough draft of the story to a website called Quizilla (that doesn't even exist anymore). 

Eighteen when I started posting the story on Wattpad.

Twenty-three when Sourcebooks Fire published My Life with the Walter Boys in 2014. 

It's been seven years since I uploaded the last chapter of the Walter Boys here on Wattpad. 

At the end of this month I turn twenty-seven (ugh, I'm old, I know), and I received the greatest gift any author could ask for...

*Drum roll*

My Life with the Walter Boys has been optioned by the entertainment company Komixx, the same company that produced Beth Reekles The Kissing Booth movie for Netflix! On top of that, Komixx has partnered with freaking Sony Pictures Television to turn My Life with the Walter Boys into a TV show!!! The first season of the show will consist of ten episodes, each an hour long. 

To be honest, the concept that something I created when I was a kid will to be adapted for a show on actual TV is hard to wrap my head around. This is seriously a dream come true, which NEVER would have happened without the support of this amazing community. So... thank you to the people who started reading this book on Quizilla when it was embarrassingly terrible. I never would've finished this story without your support. Thank you to the people who started reading this book when I began posting it on Wattpad. Reading your comments encouraged me in ways you will never know. You're the readers who taught me how to write, my most valued gift. Thank you to the readers who discovered My Life with the Walter Boys even after I was done writing it. When I posted the final chapter here on Wattpad, the story only had five million reads. Now it has nearly seventy million reads. Without such a huge number, I don't know if my story would've been picked up to be published. Finally, thank you to the readers who never read my story on Wattpad, but who found a copy in their local bookstore. There are so many books you could have picked up instead of mine, so thank you for taking a chance on one city girl and twelve crazy boys. 

As of right now, I don't have any more details about the show to share with you. However if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@authoralinovak), I will be posting updates about the progress of the show on both social media platforms. 



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