It was like Adam and Eve, but it was not the apple or a snake, it was the two that caused the other’s fall into temptation.

Maggie sat joined to Ned by a set of IPod headphones. They would often sit in silence listening to music shoulder-to-shoulder, earpiece-to-earpiece. He worked a low paying job brick laying. It was all he could obtain having left school and being cursed with bad luck. It was seeing Maggie that made his days worth it, the hard physical labor, and the mental torture of being at the bottom pits of society, with her he was able to push forward. What was she doing with him? She had everything going for her. Maggie was blessed with good looks she had long brown hair, beautiful dark eyes a perfect nose along with perfect teeth a result of two long years wearing braces, if she was any skinnier though she would have looked sick. Maggie possessed brilliant musical talent and the skills of creating good quality fashionable clothes.  

They met by chance, on a very slow bus trip, and busy trip in Contro city was slow thanks to a terrible public transport system. The bus had broken down and they began talking, awkwardly at first. She was coming home from fashion school he had just finished work, and reeked of body odor.  Ned was trying to go vegetarian for a week, Maggie was a vegan, and she loved talking about the subject. From there it turned to music, fashion, films, and literature. Finally as the bus came to life they both felt dread, the conversation was suppose to last forever as Ned had told her the bus would never be fixed. When the bus came to Maggie’s stop she stood up and looked down at Ned. She smiled and handed him a small piece of paper with her email scrawled on it. 

Later that night Ned had finally decided to email Maggie. He walked around his one bedroom unit trying to decide of what to talk about. Hey, it’s me. The guy from the bus… you know with the foul stench, who’s attempting to become a vegetarian. He laughed to himself. The person that just ate a steak. He finished punching in the last few words, scanning the email once again before he clicked the dreaded send button. With a click of the mouse the email was gone, delivered to the account scribbled on a piece of paper now sitting on his desk. She won’t respond, what was I thinking? Stupid. Ned paced around the apartment before settling down, and watching a movie to take his mind off Maggie. Why was she so captivating? Those dark eyes, I’m a sucker.

He decided to check his email once again, as he had been doing every thirty minutes. And there it was, the much-anticipated reply sitting in his inbox waiting to be read. Ned looked at it for at least five minutes scared to open the message, what if it’s bad?

At last he clicked the link, and the online letter opened. It was twice as long as his response and, it was good. She likes my body odor? He thought, intrigued by her response to his opening sentence. ‘Foul stench? You have a musky smell, very manly and well I have to be honest with you, it’s my weakness!’ She wrote. 

‘Can’t believe you’re a fan of Phat Tricks also! Definitely in my top five, you have won my respect Neddy.’

What is she twisted? I do normally smell… nice when I don’t leave my deodorant at home. 

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