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(Your POV)
You walked down the corridor with Claude.'Why isnt my body responding....Whats wrong with me!?'
You stopped and felt the presence of another demon."He's here."You said making Claude stop in his tracks.You looked out the window to see your father standing behind a tree."I'll go take care of him if you wish,Claude."You said smiling.

"I'll take care of his highness,You go take care of your Michaelis,make sure he doesn't get in the manor."Claude said.You nodded and soon disappeared."Y/N!"Your father said running turns you.You smirked and pulled out golden knives."Hello Father.~"You said as a smirk came to your face.

"Y/N?"Your father looked at you strangely.You ignored him and ran towards and lunged the knives into his body."Y/N..."He said as he coughed up blood."What did he do to you?"He said looking down at you."Whatever do you mean by that,Otōsan?"You said smirking.He looked hurt."You'd never call me dad in Japanese, something is wrong."He said pinning you to a tree."You know father,its kind of pitiful to see your master act like such a brat.Wasn't your job to protect him?"You said.He tightned his grip on your shoulders."How,could you insult him?!After all he's done for you Y/N!"He said as his aura turned a dark shade of purple.

"Now now,Otōsan,you're incorrect.Me simply stating that he's 'acting like a brat' is not insulting him."You said smirking.You pushed past him and walked back towards the manor.You stopped and turned around."Oh and,I suggest you stay away from the manor that is if you want to live as a demon."You said before continuing.'No,father.... I'm sorry.'You walked into the manor and went to your room.

Opening the door to see Jewels."Mistress,please come I will do no harm."She said smiling.You walked over to her.You sat on the edge of the bed as for Jewels doing the same.She kissed the top of your forehead and you blacked out.
"Mistress,Wake up."Jewels called out.You opened your eyes to be surrounded by darkness.Nothing but you and Jewels face to face."Where are we?"You said looking around."Were in your mind,You're able to move as you wish without Claude controlling your body."Jewels replied."He used his webs to conduct mind manipulation."Jewels finished.

"How do I undo it?"You said looking down."Because, I have to apologize to father."You said."Its fine,I explained everything to him,Claude wants you to stay with Ciel so he can have a better chance at having you as well.Now I do know someone who can help."

Your eyes widened."M-Mother?!"You said.You smiled and ran to her.She pulled you into a strong embrace."Y/N..."Your mother said sweetly.She looked into your eyes."Remember the true you....."

Hello ppl, I m sorry I had my friend help me with this okay,so if it sucks she wrote all of it.....I'm just playing Haha!!I wasn't grounded or nothing I did die tho,nah I had writers block.... I m sorry if it sucks but stay tuned for the next chapter you're in for a big surprise..

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