Chapter Nineteen

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Luck of the Dragons

"HEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP!" Lillian yelled.

"What the hell are you doing? We are on the side of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere. Who's going to hear you?" Ryhan screamed at her.

"Do you have any better ideas?" Lillian asked her.

Ryhan paused a moment and then yelled, "Heeeeelllllppp!"

They both yelled until their voices were hoarse and neither of them saw much point in continuing. She was not sure how they were going to get out of their mess. There was barely enough room for them to stand and they huddled close to keep warm.

Lillian had suggested Ryhan make a fire, but there really was not room. The best she could do is hold a small flame in her hand, but it didn't stand much of a chance against the wind that was beating their backs. It was impossible to tell how long they had been standing up there. The air was thin and left her feeling light headed. Difficult situations had never caused her to falter before, but their situation was getting grimmer by the second.

If they did not plummet to the ground, they would surely freeze to death. A small cave might have been enough to keep them alive, for the night at least, but she was not sure if she should attempt creating one. Trying something was better than nothing was and she started focusing her energy when she thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

It flitted by quickly and she could barely make out a bit of color. Whatever it was, it seemed too large to be a bird.

"Did any of you see that?" She asked the others.

"See what?" Alex asked curiously.

"It was an animal or something." Lillian said hesitantly, suddenly doubting what she saw.

The others looked at her with confusion and started looking around. Just outside of her vision, she saw something fly by again.

"There." She said and pointed in the direction it went.

They looked and shook their heads when they saw nothing. She was beginning to think that she was losing her mind. Several minutes passed and nothing happened. Deciding not to let the mysterious object distract her any longer, she focused on growing the ledge they were standing on. When it was about four and a half feet wide, she collapsed on to her knees.

"My energy is really depleted, I don't know if I'll be able to make the cave." Lillian said exhausted.

"It must be the thin air and cold, its taking more energy just to keep our bodies going." Evangeline said.

"Here, let us help you." Alex took her hand and grabbed Evangeline as well, nodding at Ryhan to do the same.

Ryhan hesitated but followed their lead and took their hands. Lillian felt their energy meld in to hers, she felt stronger, but not by much. They were growing weak too and she tried not to think about what might happen to them. It took a bit longer than normal and the best she could manage was a small three-foot hollow in the snow and rock.

It was not much, but it at least got them out of the wind and gave them a moment to think about something other than staying warm. They sat down closely, linking arms and leaning against the back wall. It was warmer, but only by a few degrees.

"So what now?" Ryhan asked.

"Now, we take turns resting and conserving our energy, and in the morning we figure out how to get down from this mountain." Evangeline said with authority, then added, "You all sleep first, and I'll keep watch."

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