Chapter Eighteen

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It was a short walk back to the village. If she had to guess, her captures had been looking for a way in to the city when they stumbled upon her party. Once safely back in the village she willed the large tree root that served her well, back into the earth. The last thing they needed was a trail that led the rest of her captures right into Ferrentri.

Alta suggested she take some time to rest before she explained what happened. Lillian agreed and joined the other three girls in their guesthouse. There was something so familiar about them, even though she had never met any of them. She knew about the prophecy and their connection of course.

Alta had been very clear that one day she would join them on a very important quest. Nevertheless, it was strange to feel so connected to strangers. The four of them sat at the round wooden table in silence. They studied each other. Lillian contemplated their similarities and differences.

They all had the same sapphire eyes. Only little flecks of color that surrounded their pupils showed any dissimilarity. Evangeline had the most amazing violet flecks. It looked as if there were small pieces of amethyst embedded in her eyes. Ryhan's red flecks looked like tiny embers burning deep inside her soul. If you stared at Alexandra's eyes for too long the Aquamarine spots seemed to ebb and flow like waves on the shore, as if she carried the spirit of the sea in her eyes.

The deep brown that muddied the blue of her eyes did not seem quite as brilliant when compared to theirs. It was the exact same color as her hair. She felt quite plain all of a sudden and wondered if they could sense her withdraw from them at all. Ryhan seemed to understand and was the first to break the increasingly awkward silence.

"Those were soldiers of the Centermerge. I recognized their uniforms."

Evangeline replied, "I agree. It is worse than we thought, we must leave soon."

"I don't understand. Why would the Centermerge be looking for Ferrentri?" Lillian asked.

"Because Axiom knows we are here." Alex said gravely.

Evangeline nodded, "She's right. Lillian, did you notice anything odd, besides the men who captured you?"

Considering the events that took place she replied, "Odd? I am not sure. Most of it is a blur."

"The ravens?" Ryhan asked Evangeline, and she nodded in reply.

"Ravens?" Asked Alex.

"Mentis and Memoria, Axioms familiar spies." Ryhan spat.

A vision of two very large black ravens came to Lillian, "Now I understand. I saw them before anyone attacked. I tried to read them, but they were blank, empty."

The others looked at her, confusion written all over their faces.

Lillian thought for a moment and then tried her best to elaborate, "Every living creature, from animal to plant to insect, has some sort of thought pattern. Though different with every species, I can usually read that pattern. It is how I am able to communicate with animals, make things grow, shape the land. But those birds, they put out no pattern. Actually it was the opposite. They were voids, as if they absorbed the thoughts around them."

"We should tell Alta, find out what that soldier knows, and then get the hell out of here before more of them show up." Ryhan said harshly.

Lillian had only known her for a few hours, but she could tell that there was a lot under the surface of Ryhan's brash exterior. The four of their strength and connection grew by the minute and she could not imagine what it would be like when the five of them finally united. However, Ryhan had her guard up and Lillian was sure that was going to cause a few problems for them.

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