Chapter Four

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A Fire Inside

Ryhan was not sure what she had expected to find when they entered the house above the shop, but it certainly wasn't what she saw in front of her. It was incredibly simple, nothing lavish, or mysterious. A front room with a table and chairs and a small hearth, and perhaps two sleeping chambers made up the entirety of it. She was quite surprised at how plain everything was.

There was not anything colorful or bright, in fact the only thing that seemed out of the ordinary was the stack of books in the corner. There must have been at least twenty. Which was a lot considering she had not ever read one single book. Farwen urged them both inside, shutting the door quickly behind him.

"If you will excuse me for a moment, I will let Mr. Cross know that you have arrived." Farwen said, before he left in a hurry.

Ryhan removed her cloak and continued to look around. She thought perhaps there was a secret room somewhere, maybe hidden by magic. After studying the room hard, she gave up and concluded that the simple house was, after all, just a plain simple house with nothing special about it. Pausing in front of a mirror, Ryhan caught her first glimpse of her face and wanted to cry.

She had never been a particularly vain person, but half of her face was completely mutilated. It looked as though someone had taken sand paper to the right side of her face. From the bottom of her eye down to her jaw, an entire layer of her skin appeared raw and rough where the bleeding had scabbed over.

Even when it healed it would leave a palm sized scar on her face. She was not sure how to feel about it, the pain came and went. Emotionally, well emotionally she would just have to numb it all out and keep it together because she could not afford to lose it. Not when she was just finding out who and what she was. Roger paced back and forth not paying attention to anything other than his own thoughts.

Ryhan smiled at him, but he did not notice and continued his march across the room. By the time Farwen came back, she was ready to meet Gavin and find out what exactly she was supposed to be doing.

"Oh good heavens, what happened to you?" Farwen asked concerned.

Instinctively she drew the hood back up to hide her face and said, "We were attacked, by what we believe was a Haldengar, Roger tried his best to help me tend the wound."

"I will call for a healer at once; I am so very sorry that this happened." He said sincerely.

"Thank you. It is quite painful at times." She said, while gently touching her face.

"In the meantime, Gavin would like to speak with you now, if you will follow me Miss." Farwen said, motioning for her to tag along.

She nodded and started to follow, when a large arm came swinging out in front of her. Caught off guard by Rogers's action, she wasn't sure what to do. Both Farwen and Ryhan looked at him for an explanation.

He scowled at Farwen and said, "SHE is not going anywhere ALONE with strangers. I want to meet this Gavin as well."

Ryhan looked at him in shock. She did not know what to say, as she was both glad for his protection, but offended that he thought she could not handle herself.

"I am afraid that is not possible. You already know too much about our quest, we do not wish to endanger you any farther." Farwen replied politely.

"I have set out a change of clothes for you, and took the liberty of heating a bath so that you may wash for dinner." He added.

Roger looked like he was ready to punch something, so Ryhan stepped between him and Farwen and sweetly said, "Roger, I have to say that I am jealous. I would love a warm bath. You must hurry before the water gets cold. I will be alright, and I'm quite certain that you would hear if I were in any trouble."

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