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Part 2

I was sitting in my cabin listening to Leo babble on about an invention, when I heard a knock at the door.

"COME IN!" I yelled, startling Leo in the process.

Percy poked his head in the door and gave us a grin. He stepped fully into the cabin with a page in his hand.

"As you both know in a couple weeks is the special campfire and people will be singing songs." His grin only widened, "Well my dear Nico you will be singing too!" He finished, shoving the page in my face.

There, at the bottom of the list, was my scrawly writing. I snatched the page from him and looked at it closer. I looked at Percy and then at Leo. Who were both trying not to laugh.

"When did I agree to this!" I asked, waving the paper around as I spoke.

"Drunk Nico says he loves singing." Percy laughed, taking the page from my grasp.

I stood with my mouth hanging open.
"Nico dear you're going to catch flies." Leo chuckled, patting my chin gently and leaving with a laughing Percy.

"I'm never getting drunk with those two ever again." I grumbled.

But can you imagine drunk Nico? I think he would be the one singing and then cuddling up to someone when he gets tired so then they have to carry him to his cabin. Hope you enjoyed this. This is the start of part 2. It might be longer who knows

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