Chapter 16.

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Scarlett's POV

Waking up in an empty bed is highly disappointing compared to an arm wrapped tightly around my waist and the subtle breaths leaving another persons mouth as they still lay asleep. But for right now it was something I was going to have to get used to. 

I didn't want to leave the comfort of the warm sheets, which still held the vague scent of Louis, but I knew staying in bed all day wouldn't help anything. I took a sharp breath before peeling the duvet away from my body. As much as I wanted to pull it back over me and snuggle into it like a human burrito, my bladder had other ideas.

I skipped across to the bathroom rather uncomfortably as the pressure in my bladder was verging on painful. Flicking the bright bathroom light on my eyes squinted at the blinding glow. I sighed when I subconsciously peered around, noticing how a lot of Louis' stuff was still scattered around the sink area. Rage was running prominently through my veins right now and it was all directed at one certain; 'Devil Wears Damian'. They say hate is a strong word but I'm in no position to call him my best friend.

I dragged my feet across the unheated floor and into the kitchen where Kendall appeared to be shaking her hips to the radio and tossing something around in a frying pan. I sat on one of the bar stools and watched in amusement, waiting for her to notice my presence. When she began belting out the words to the generic pop song I couldn't hold my laughter inside any longer. I don't think I've ever seen anyone spin around so fast when she heard me. I couldn't determine what was funnier now; the fact she was putting on a performance whilst making breakfast or the fact the spun around so fast she pancake batter spilt all over as she crashed to the floor. I was literally howling by this stage.

"Well I was making you breakfast but since you find this situation so amusing, I'll just eat my pancakes in front of you...savouring every bite." She snapped as she stood up, wiping the mixture of her pyjamas. For some reason this made me laugh even more, I don't even remember the last time I laughed this much, but it felt good.

"Oh that's fine, I can live without pancakes for the rest of my life after watching that," I replied through my hiccups caused by my never-ending laughter. 

"Well I'm glad you find it hilarious," she spat back sarcastically but I could see the little grin trying to appear on her face. "But since it's your kitchen, I guess you have to clean it up." 

I narrowed my eyes at her, my laughter abruptly stopping however the hiccups still proceeded. "Uh no, that's –"

"Uhm," she coughed dramatically as if she was about to make a speech. "I am a guest right? Which therefore means you have to clean up." She slowly lowered her eyelid as she sent wink right at me.

"I'm sorry for laughing at you," I pouted, trying to win her back over with my sad face and puppy dog eyes although her howling made me realise she could see right through me.

"Yeah, that won't work on me. Now get cleaning wench," she chuckled before hurling the wooden spoon covered in batter at my face. I scrunched my face up at the impact, not so surprisingly getting a wooden instrument thrown at your face hurt. "Now we're even."

I was surprised at how good the pancakes tasted. I was no miracle in the kitchen, in fact I was the opposite. I could follow basic instructions but my cooking skills reached the maximum of making an omelette and half the time they ended up as scrambled eggs. Pancakes were way out of my league, it was mandatory that they would be stuck to the pan, completely fried and a very charcoal looking colour. The fact that Kendall managed to make them so effortlessly made me envy her, I would be so much better future wife material if I could cook.

I sprinkled extra sugar and lemon on my pancakes because it's the best flavour you could imagine. I wasn't into American style pancakes, they just didn't taste right to my English taste buds. I was savouring every bite, trying to eat moderately slowly but they tasted so good I didn't want to slow down. By the looks of it, Kendall was doing the same.

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