Red light fills the room and a loud siren fills my ears.

My head snaps up as I realize the reason for this; we are under attack. I run out of the armory, where I had been practicing with my bow,  and catch up to my second in command, Ariella. Her face is a mixture on concern and fierceness. I know she must be thinking the same thing I am; What is going on?

"What's the story?" I ask her, all business.

"We're being attacked by an army approximately twenty strong. Their leader appears to be a male, whose age ranges from sixteen to twenty." Ariella says immediately. She looks straight forward, a determined look on her face. "The strange thing is, he looks so damn familiar!"

Who do we know that would attack us? I shake my head, choosing to ignore her comment on how familiar the leader looks


"We have no idea," she says bleakly.

I nod curtly.

What's going on? We haven't had an attack on the castle in at least a year.

"Meet me in the Killing Hall," I say running ahead.

The castle is built the same way castles in the Middle Ages were built, except more modern and comfortable. We have a Killing Hall and we have flushing toilets, how convenient is that?

 I push past a group of confused girls and run into the Killing Hall. Immediately taking charge of the situation, I try to calm the chaos around me.

"Into position!" I yell, "Ariella! With me!"

I take my bow off my back and set my arrow on fire. The fire doesn't do much, but it's become sort of a tradition for me.

"Report!" I yell, knowing that one of my warriors will answer me.

"The intruders haven't gotten past our front guards yet, but its not looking so good. They are very strong and they seem to know all of our battle strategies," A tall, male warrior reports to me. I think his name is Brandon, or maybe it's Cory.

"That's not possible. You know our strategies are the most guarded secrets we hold," I say, not believing my ears. No one could know our strategies because if they did, we'd all surely be dead. Killed by our own kind that seek power if not by the Cursed.

"That is just how it seems, Ashalynn," he says knowing not to argue with me. He bows, bending at the waist, showing respect.

I dismiss him, going over to Ariella who is currently eyeing the door behind which are the intruders.

"Steady!" I yell.

 I can hear the faint sounds of fighting right outside the door. The front guards should have taken care of the intruders by now. What's going on, I ask myself for the umpteenth time today.


The bangs on the other side of the door get even louder. The heavy wooden doors shake, sending a nervous chill down my spine. I send out a silent prayer for my warriors behind that door.

"Ashalynn," Ariella says, presumably worried about the warriors on the other side of that door. She bites her lip and glances worriedly at the door. I ignore her, trying to concentrate on keeping my army ready for action.

The sounds stop abruptly. The silence that surrounds us is eerie. Out of the corner of my eye I see a few warriors exchange worried glances. I snap at them to pay attention to the problem at hand.

"Ashalynn," she says with a little more urgency. Nervously, she shifts her weight from foot to foot.

Nothing happens. Everything is still and calm. You can almost taste the tension in the air.