It was past midnight when she first woke, and her first feelings were something, someone, grabbing onto her hand. She could hear his soft snoring before she could actually see him, and she sat up to get a good look of him.

His appearance broke her heart. He had his head resting on the bed, but the rest of his body sat awkwardly on the ground, and even in this dark, with only a small candle lit, she could see the dark bags under his eyes. She turned her head to see Merlin's bed empty, and that caused her some worry.

She would have fallen asleep again, but she felt as if she had gotten enough sleep for months to come. She was not even close to being tired so she ran her other hand through Arthur's hair and gave a soft smile.

"Arthur." She whispered, resting the back of her hand on his cheek. "Arthur wake up." She said more loudly this time, causing him to jump in his place slightly. Once his eyes focused, he saw her sitting up, a smile on her face.

"Ana..." He said softly, before letting out a loud laugh and hugging her tightly. "I apologize for all I have ever said. I love you, Anastasia. I love you." He smiled, pulling away and holding her face in his hands. She pulled him back in for another hug, just enjoying this moment of calm of where they were finally together again.

"I love you too Arthur." She laughed, tears falling from her eyes and onto Arthur's shirt.

It was a moment she would never forget, it was almost filled with magic.

The candle seemed to glow a bit brighter, and she could practically see the stars dancing around the room.

"You should get some rest. I can finally see why you need all that beauty sleep you usually get." She smiled.

"I can't leave you. You still need to get better, that medicine that Gaius made didn't heal you all the way. You still have to rest."

"That doesn't mean you can't get some sleep, Arthur." She frowned, but moved farther to the wall, leaving some space for him to lay down. "Come on, sleep. You were sleeping on the ground already, this way it's just more comfortable." She told him, and with that he made his way under the covers.

He was nervous at first, that was quite easily told. He didn't know where to place his hands, nor how to position himself comfortably, but eventually he turned, facing Ana's back, and wrapped one arm around her, while the other went over her head to rest somewhat comfortably.

  "Goodnight Arthur." Anastasia smiled, before closing her eyes.

"Goodnight Ana." He smiled in return, and within a few minutes, sleep took them both.

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