Chapter Ten

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It turned out the apartment is a 20 minutes drive from the school, and an even longer bloody walk. Great.
It's on the other side of the small town we live on.

From the outside the apartment looked like shit, the building was old and looked like it was going to fall to pieces any second.

"I am not staying in that" My eyes widened, this could be the end of me.

"Trust me, it's nicer inside" He soothed, taking all the things he had previously and started walking to towards the entry.

Noah starting moving about in my arms, clearly about to wake up so I quickly stepped in the direction of which William was, holding the door open for me.

Damn right I'm not touching that thing.

We walked up the stairs seeing as there was no elevator.
"How many more..stairs" I almost fainted from my lack of breath, using the last of it on my words.

"This is it, the fourth and top floor" He smiled.

"How the hell did you manage to carry everything up those stairs" I was shocked.
Personally, I am struggling with the two bags and kitten I have in my arms, but they don't compare to what he's carrying.

"It was easy" And of course the smirk comes back.

We walked down a hardly lit, not-very-well decorated hallway and stopped at a white door with the number 43 screwed on with gold numbers.

"Let's go, " We both said at the same time, opening the door.

(I don't really want to explain the apartment so there's a picture on the side)

I was shocked, to say the least.
The apartment was everything I never thought it would be, it's cosy, comfortable and well decorated.

"I came up earlier with my mom and put my stuff away, my mom got us some food to last a couple days" Of course he didn't do it himself.

"I love this, oh my god" I squealed slightly jumping on the spot as I looked around.
"I should probably get Noah's stuff out before he does the toilet on the floor" I walked over to a small corner just before the kitchen that looked suitable to put his things.
I set up his litter tray along with his bed and little toys.

I put his food and water on the kitchen floor, I didn't want him to make a mess of anywhere else with his food.

"It's only half five, what do you want to do?" I sensed he was suggesting something sexual so chose to ignore him and start playing with Noah.
"Don't ignore me, kitten" I could feel his presence right behind me now, but I still never answered.

Next thing I knew, he was kneeling down on the floor next to where I sat, his hand tucking the hair I used to cover my face from him behind my ear.

"Kitten I suggest you don't ignore me again, there could be some consequences next time" He whispered in my hear, his hot breath travelling down my neck, giving me goosebumps.

"I- I uh" I had nothing to say, he was so close to me, I didn't-

Darcy, you're phone's ringing

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