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The weekend went by in a blur with James not speaking to her. Pamela woke up to prepare for work, as she took her car keys to leave but James stopped her.

"Were do you think you are going, no wife of mine will work," he growled.
"You have got to be out of your mind. I am going to work, do you expect me to sit around the house doing nothing."

"Oh you won't be doing nothing my dear. I will be the only breadwinner in this family. This lovely house of mine needs to be cleaned, and you will be helping Maria out, she does need the help after all, he said as he got ahold of her hand.
"I did not come here to be your maid!" She retorted.
"You will not be going to work, I already spoke to your boss about your resignation so there is nothing you can do about it. My driver will take you to your doctor, then bring you back home. That is final!" He yelled making her step back away from him afraid of what she saw.

Fuming she released her hand from his grasp, and stormed off to her room and decided to call her mother.
"Mom, I am leaving this hellhole you have placed me in. I can take care of my child without his help. He doesn't even talk to me, and is now refusing for me to go to work."
"Marriage is never going to be all roses and sweetness. You have to work on it dear. Stay strong for your child, and remember it's the little things that count."

Just then a knock interrupted her call, it was Maria telling her that the driver was waiting to take her to her doctors appointment. She quickly said goodbye to her mother and went out to the waiting car. Her appointment went as expected, she was healthy and so was her child. Glad to hear this she called her in-laws and told them the good news.

Once she got home, she informed Maria that she would prepare their evening meal, even though it took a while to convince her. Maria had also refused her help, but Pamela insisted no matter what. James came late in the evening, but was surprised to find Pamela still up.

She quickly dished out his food, and served him.
"What is this? I do not eat such filth," he said in a harsh manner.
"But, your mother said this was your favorite. Forgive me, I'll go prepare something else for you."
"Don't. I will do it myself," he said leaving his seat. "I can't even get any decent food in my own house," he mumbled to himself.

After he had finished his meal, Pamela prepared a cup of tea for him, taking it up to his office. He remained quite as she placed the tray on his desk and left without a word. Taking the cup he found himself enjoying the cup of tea.

Each morning he left for work without a word to her. Pamela cooked his meals, but asked Maria to serve him, after noticing that he would not eat if she served him.
James' mother payed her a visit and saw that her daughter in-law was unhappy. To cheer her up she decided to take her out for shopping.

"Pam, you have to endure his arrogance for only a short while, he will open up to you very soon. I know my son can be hard sometimes, but your love for each other will grow. He is the same as his father, both men are ruthless but when they love, they love completely.
"Mom I will try my best, but let me just say that if there is no change, I will take my child away, of course you can visit your grandchild, but him I will not allow. He is testing my patience."

They enjoyed each other's company and Pamela got some new clothes as she had put on a little weight. Once she got home she called Maria and Thomas giving them some goods she had purchased for them as well. They thanked her profusely for no one had shown any care for them as they were just considered the help. Both Maria and Thomas were old in age, and Maria acted like a mother figure towards her.


Jeff surprised her by paying her a visit the following week.
"How is my little sister feeling today. Maria told me your morning sickness has been taking its toll on your body," he said giving her a warm hug.
"It not bad, I have an appointment tomorrow, so I will get some medication for it then."
"I'm glad to hear that. Look what I got for you, he said taking out three novels and a stack of DVDs for her."
"Wow, thank you so much Jeff. How did you know I like Danielle Steel?"
"I saw you reading her the other night," he said smiling at her.

Maria brought in some snacks for them as they were talking, as soon as the smell of cheese filled her nostrils a wave of nausea overcame her. She quickly rushed to the bathroom as she emptied her stomach contents. She heard Jeff walking into the small bathroom and helped her out. Handing her some toothpaste and a brush she quickly rinsed out her mouth, mumbling a thank you.

Standing up she clutched her stomach as a wave of pain shot through her abdomen.
"Jeff, get me to a doctor," she screamed as she clung onto his arm.
On hearing her scream Maria rushed towards them and quickly help by opening the door as Jeff carried her to his car.

"James get down to memorial hospital now, it's your wife!" Jeff growled into his phone not giving his friend a chance to speak.


James was busy in his office and decided to ignore his friends' request. If she died, he would be free to go back to his old ways. He hated this woman, she was the reason he was now tied down. He didn't want any kids to take care of, he missed the good old days, he missed Gina.

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