1: Have you ever heard of the Oblivia Region?

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Ranger Union 

Escalator, escalator, escalator, Pokemon Ranger Summer repeated to herself. Go up the escalator and then go to the second door to your left. 

She dashed towards the automatic doors and skid sideways into the Union, barely missing the receptionist's desk. She saw the escalator and quickly made an apology to the scared receptionist before running up the moving steps. She nearly missed the second door as she pelted across the it.

It was unlocked, and the young girl entered quickly, letting the door slide into place behind her. There she garnered the gazes of her friend, co-worker, and partner, Ben, and of Prof. Hastings, one of her bosses....

"Sir, I apologize-" she coughed, beginning to repeat the usual. 

"That'll do Ranger Summer. I just heard you say that this morning," Prof. Hastings repeated. Summer was infamous for her tardiness, and somehow she still had her job despite such a habit. It was probably because being a ranger was a rather in demand job. Funny thing was that the pay-rate was eh at best. 

"Rangers, have you ever heard of the Oblivia region?"

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