Eliza~ The Mafia v.s Vandalism

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"Feeling's don't die because we keep feeding them with memories, that's exactly why it's hard to move on."


I knew this was a bad idea from the start. I should have never agreed to be his friend. On the other hand it would have been a lot worse to pretend to hate him for the whole year. It's been three days since I've last spoken to Carlos. I was completely embarrassed in the library. All day I had wanted to 

talk to him and have a chance to get to know him but he was busying himself with all of Jackson High's known sluts. And I had to admit it hurt.

I had to escape the shocked look on his face. Carlos probably thought I was being completely ridiculous and dramatic and that I'm not even worth the effort. I wouldn't be surprised if he 

completely ignored me, since he has all those other girls lined up at his door step. Since the day I met him, which was last week I feel a real connection that I can't explain. And to be honest I had wanted to climb over that table like a cave man and choke her out.

I wasn't gonna tell him any of that of course. Someone like him could never...feel that way about someone like me. Hell, Gianna bowed to him and I'm pretty sure that wasn't the first time someone has done that. I'm starting to think I'm in way over my head.

Friday night Mason came through the front door with groceries hanging off his arms. He was wearing a tucked in  blue dress shirt with a tie sloppily dangling from his neck, with a pair of black slack and shiny dress shoes. 

Oh,  I had forgot he has a job interview today. He already has a job working as an assistant at a high paying law firm but he needed another one so he could work on paying off his student loans.

I jumped off the couch and headed to the stairs. I had been avoiding him the whole week and eating dinner up in my room, with the excuse that It was my time of the month. That got Mason to stay far away. I was procrastinating. I knew he would find out eventually what happened...but the later the better.

"I don't think so Eliza! Get your ass back down here. You're helping put away the groceries," Mason yelled after me. I pulled my batman hood down to cover my forehead and approached him at the open door. Mason stepped forward and handed me the groceries.

"Careful, they're-"

The weight surprised me. My legs buckled and I fell backwards with my feet following behind me, and I hit the ground in a thud. I laid sprawled on the floor as Mason broke out into a fit of laughter. He held his stomach and rolled around on the floor laughing in his dress clothes. Yup thats my brother.

I giggled and struggled to sit up. Mason stood and attempted to compose himself.

"You're just a walking accident, aren't -" One look at my face sobered his expression and I realized my hood was down. His face turned dark and menacing. And so it begins. I quickly scrambled to my feet. His shoulders tensed and his eyes narrowed into slits.

"Eliza Arabella Parker, what the hell happened to your forehead?" Ignoring the groceries  he slammed the door.

"Sit- he said gesturing to the couch, obeying I plopped myself down, " And don't lie to me I know you don't get into fist fights so someone attacked you," he nearly spit. With me sitting on the couch he towered above me with his arms crossed. Somehow his suit made him look even more menacing.

"A guy attacked me in the hallway during lunch," I said tucking my hair behind my ear.

He leaned forward and peeled the bandage off my head, scowling. I winced.

"This is not a new wound Eliza, it looks partially healed. Why am I only finding out about this now?" 

"Because, I knew you would over react," I said calmly.

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