Carlos~ Friends Remember?

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Hey guys! I'm trying to update as much as possible. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask any questions or point out any mistakes!! And I also wanted to let the readers know that the chapters won't always switch off between Carlos and Eliza. Be ready for juicy drama and sexy dudes ;-) Love, Madamtwerksalot.

" You're the first and last thing on my mind each and every day."-unknown

What the fuck was wrong with me? Why did I say all that shit to Eliza about how she was amazing? The words had just spilled out of my mouth before I could stop them.

I hate that I seem to lack all self control when Eliza's around. I ride over to my new Mansion after I dropped of Eliza. I needed to clear my head by doing some work. I share the Mansion with Del and Tyler because they begged me to let them move in, apparently their living quarters were too small.

When I walked in I tossed my keys on a table and noticed Del sitting in the foyer. He seemes to be sketching a picture of something from memory.

Tyler in the other hand was no where to be found.

"Hey, what are you drawing?" I asked leaning over his shoulder. He jumped and quickly covered the page with both hands as his face turned red.

" You scared the shit out of me, Carlos. Just drawing some landscapes," he said.

"Whatever," I said walking over to the staircase. I peeled off my leather jacket once I got to my room and tossed it on my chair. To my annoyance there was a book on my bed that read Jackson High Year Book 2014. I read the note on top recognizing the neatly typed note.

I had this book sent over from Jackson High. It shows photographs of female humans that could be a potential mate for you. Get started on your search. Don't disappoint me, I'll be watching.

There was no name signed but I knew exactly who I was from. King Darius. I crumbled it into a ball ant tossed it in the trash. I growled in anger, feeling violent. I picked up the thick book chucking it at at the wall.

It hit the wall with a thud and smashed a lamp on it's way down to the ground. My father didn't give two shits about me and what I wanted.

I don't want to mate a fucking human! The last thing I need is some woman thinking she knows me and pretending to love me. I went into my office to do my daily work.

As Prince I'm required to certin duties like organizing events and meetings and of course participating in them. When I was half way finished with my work I started thinking of differnt ways to get my father off my back. Then again it might just piss him off.

A develish grin broke out on my face as I toyed with my pen in my hand. I knew exactly how I was gonna do it. The following day I parkd my ninja and leaned back against a tree, waiting for Eliza to show up.

After a few minutes I began to get impatient, then I heard tires screech. A red Jeep cut off a blue mini van and made a sharp turn into the parking lot.

Before the Jeep could make it's escape an arm popped out of the drivers window of the blue mini van with the middle finger flying high in the air.
I put my hands deep in my pockets trying to remember what that meant. I know it was a curse for sure.

After the Jeep parked Eliza jumped out with a red head in tow.
Eliza looked angry and annoyed. Her shiny brown hair was wind blown and she had on a Fall Out Boy T -Shirt that had me grinning. I love that band as well.

Eliza had tight blue skinny jeans that showed off her curves and black converse. She looked beautiful without even trying. Her red backpack was slung carelessly over her shoulder as she stomped away from her...friend?

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