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When I woke up I was exhausted. Fighting can wear you out. I have to say though Zach was good but I knew how to beat him. He was to cocky and easy to doge.

I got dressed in a light blue crop top and jean shorts. I left my hair straightened and walked down stairs.

"We are having company today" Callie grinned

"Who" I asked with curiosity laced in my voice.

"Well I thought you should meet my sisters family. They live in the other house, next door " she said as she made me breakfast.

So people do live there.

"Okay" I responded and she handed me the plate of food.

"They have a boy your age to" she said trying to grasp my attention. I didn't even glance at her.

I nodded not giving her my time. As I focused on my food.

She sighed "Lexi, I know you have been to many foster homes and jails. But I really want to help you. If you do go to jail I won't throw you out. I just want you to be happy"

Does she really mean that? Probably not. This will just be the same story again.

I just looked up at her and gave her a blank stare. Again she smiled at me waiting for me to return it but I didn't.

"At noon they'll be here, so be ready " she sighed

I nodded putting the finished plate in the sink and walking upstairs and I could feel Callie giving up.


"Lexi! They're here" Callie called

I walked downstairs holding my blank expression.

"Hi Callie, so this is Lexi" said the woman shaking my hand

"Hi" I replied showing another forced smile.

She and Callie walked in together and behind her was what I guessed was the husband.

"Hello I'm Paul" he said shaking my hand

"Lexi" I said shaking it back

He walked in and behind him. My gaze then landed on their son.

Zach. Zach is there son. The one from the fight. I'm glad he doesn't recognize me because of the hood I wore over my face.

His eyes raked over my body shamelessly.

I have brown hair and blue eyes. I'm skinny with a six pack and 5'6. I have a double piercing in each ear with a double . On my hip the word courage sat and on my wrist is a heart with a D B F for the man who stole my heart.

Once he was done a smirk plastered on his face. "I'm Zach"

I can't say that he wasn't attractive. He looked a lot better in the light instead of the dimmed ones at the fight. Zach's hair was in a 'just woke up' format and he had a strong build.

"Lexi" I said with a bored tone. If he was going to be honest with how he felt, so was i.

"Wow fast change of mood" he mocked hurt.

"What did you think I'd run up and hug you" I sassed back.

"I was hoping" he said holding his arms open with a pouty face.

I rolled my eyes "Keep dreaming"

"I will" he winked

Yeah, I don't like him.

I walked into the kitchen where everyone else is. We had lunch and Zach sat next to me. He kept trying to put his hand on my thigh but I moved it every time.

They all actually seemed interested in what I had to say. Which was new to me.

Once they all left I picked up the dishes and put them by the sink while Callie washed them.

"Lexi thanks. I know that your not used to talking to people about that a lot. But you did, and you were very polite." She said

"It wasn't an issue. Thank you for giving me a place to stay." Faking things were to easy.

"No problem" she smiled brightly as if she thought she was making progress.

I went upstairs and changed in an old baggy t-shirt and skinny jeans. I tied the t-shirt into a pony tail on the side.

I put a cigarette in my mouth then walked outside. I walked back to the truck and continued to fix it.

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