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AN: This story needs editing. I suggest you go check out one of my other works, but if you insist on this one, you have been warned and I appreciate your bravery. 

  My name is Damien Cole Demidov.  I am twenty-one years old, and I’ve been locked up in an asylum for four years.  On this day, I am scheduled to be released.  

To tell a little about my looks; I have black hair about two inches from my shoulders.  I am vampire pale.  I have crystal blue eyes, and I’m 5’9’’. 

For the people subject; I have met many a person in my time.  Maybe you’ll meet some of the throughout the story.  God knows they appear in all the wrong places. 

Onto other things…My grandparents are full-blooded Russian.  I used to live in Russia, but I live in the U.S. now, I was shipped over with my mom when I was twelve.  I trained my voice out of my Russian accent, and learned English in under a month.  I now live in New York City.  My mother is back in Russia with my father, and grandparents. 

Now that we‘ve sat up placement, let’s discuss my love life.  I have a wife, whom I am not that fond of.  I also have a guy I cannot get my mind to stray from.  We became close during my time at the asylum.  Too close.  He was my psychiatrist’s intern, which means, we were left together a lot. 

On that note I believe we can start.  Let’s see where this story will take us.  There will be difficulties.  So please, try to keep up.

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