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Working at build a bear workshop has its perks, like getting free bears for your little cousins on their birthdays or the fact that I get to see the smiles on the kids faces when they make their own teddy bear.

Although sometimes- like today- I get somewhat older customers. Most are parents getting their kids a stuffed animal as presents or the occasional group of Tweens having a birthday party here with all their friends.

But never before have I seen a teenage boy here -alone- tearing open a teddy bear, making the stuffing fly everywhere.

"Excuse mam'," I say to the lady who's children's teddy bears I'm ringing up,"I'll be right back."

"Um, excuse me, but what are you doing?", I asked walking over to him from the cash register.

He ignored me and continued to penetrate the lifeless toy.

"Excuse I'm talking to you." "And I'm ignoring you."

I scoffed,"rude." I said under my breathe but he heard. "It's not rude if it's true.", he replied quick-wittedly.

"Ok listen up I'm not supposed to judge people and I try not to do if your going to rip open a stuffed animal can you A) do it outside the store so you don't give little kids nightmares and B) pay for the toy, its kind of illegal if you don't."

He ignored me-again- and continued to Decapitate the stuffed animal. "Oh for the love of Hera could you stop being an ass and just pay for the dam thing."

He then-finally-looked up. "Did you just say 'for the love of Hera' as in the Greek god?"

"Umm.. N-No I-I didn't, I don't kn-ow what your talking about.", I replied, stuttering. He eyed me suspiciously and asked," what am I wearing?"

Thinking it was strange I answered," a toga with a purple shirt, I mean I don't judge but-" "wait you see the toga?" "Umm, yes?"

"Are you Greek?" The blonde haired roman asked. "No but I go to a Greek cam- wait why do you want to no?"

"Are you a demigod?" "Wh-what what's a demigod?", I asked trying to act innocent. "YOU ARE A DEMIGOD!!", he exclaimed.

"Ok listen I don't know who you are, I know your not a monster because I would be able to tell, but I know your not a Greek because I know everyone at camp and no I'm not a demigod."

"How can you see through the mist though?" He asked curiously. "Here is not the place to talk about this, there could be people or 'creatures' listening.", I state then rummaged through my pocket for a piece of paper then pulled it out and grab a nearby pen,"but um.. Here," I hand him the paper which i had scribbled my phone number on," I know you guys can't have cell phones but maybe you can find a payphone and we can talk about this more over coffee or something.", I said, trying not to blush.

"O-oh yeah alright." He stated, blushing and stuttering too. "I should probably get back to work that lady looks like she's getting pretty annoyed.," I say with a laugh and turned around getting ready to head back to the cash register.

"Wait," he said, grabbing my wrist and stopping me," here", he handed me twelve dollars, "for the bear, keep the change."

"Ok thanks-", I stopped not knowing his name. "Octavian." "Thanks Octavian, I'm Rachel. Goodbye." I said with a small blush and a slight wave ,heading back to the register with inpatient customers and heard him say a faint goodbye also.

"Sorry about the wait ma'am," I said giving her, her bag with stuffed animals in it," here, it's a ten dollars off coupon for your next visit.",I handed her the coupon.

"No don't worry about it honey, so did you get yourself a boyfriend?", she asked wiggling her eyebrows playfully.

"Um n-no.", I say blushing then added, "well maybe."

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Sorry that there isn't a lot of action in this one but its rachtavian fluff so I guess it makes up for it. And hey, did anyone get my pitch perfect reference? What? No? Oh
ok :|   Until later, Adieu


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