➸ 5. Night at the Castle

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re edit! If you read the original 30 chapters, it is all different now.

I sat in the limo with my new family, nervous as I could possibly be. I was trying to grasp the fact they were vampires.

Sebastian assured me no one would hurt me. I don't understand why or how but that's what he said. And all this talk about my blood being special? What is that about?

I'd find out eventually. Not tonight.

Tonight I was too worried about all the information ... vampires... marriage.. marriage to a vampire who hates humans. But he has been kind thus far. I can't believe I haven't freaked out yet. Maybe I'm in shock and that will come later..

How would our union work if he hates humans? I'm human..

I just want to get some sleep and forget today.

Sebastian glanced my way and I caught his gaze. The pale moonlight shone on his features making him seem even more flawless than he is.

His jaw muscles were clenched and  his sparkling ocean blue eyes were bright as they stared quizzically at me before looking toward his parents who were deep in conversation about what Delannah had done to me and other things I tried to tune out.

I'm just so glad to be away from it all.

I can't believe this is happening to me..

Serephine and Magnus were good to me tonight, Sebastian even more so.

But they were royalty. And Purebloods on top of that ... they wouldn't want to associate with a human. I already thought I was the lowest on the totem pole. Surely on the vampire totem pole, I was considered the stuff on the bottom of their shoes but they cared enough to save me from her.

I just need to keep my guard up like I always have just in case.

I'm meant to be unhappy and I can accept that but Sebastian did promise me he would ensure my happiness with them.

Sebastian peered back at me giving me the forlorn expression.

He definitely feels sorry for me..


I sighed and then Serephine spoke.

"Sienna... I don't care that you are human, I want you to know that. I told you you're special. I would also love to be close with you. However, i must warn you... you must know that you're blood is very irresistible to other vampires, so be careful. You wont have to worry about us but others.. You need to be careful around them. We will take measures to ensure your safety but you mustn't wander the castle when we have guests without one of us or someone we trust, by your side. Until you're marked at least. There are a lot of vampires who stay there for celebrations. Mostly good friends and family, but occasionally we host parties so you must be careful. No one is present at the moment, it will just be us and staff. but also ....Remember we can hear thoughts." Her emerald eyes looked straight into mine with a knowing smile.

Oh my....

I nodded carefully. "Yes, I understand."

I need to stop thinking so much.

"Good!" She clapped her hands. "We are here!"

I hadn't noticed we had traveled up a winding cobble stone driveway to a magnificent castle. It was beautiful. I couldn't tell the color from the shadows casting onto the walls but the style was very unique. Many other smaller buildings branched away from the castle with The family crest, I assume, hanging in the very center over the entrance.

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