Chapter 13 - Skating with Cal

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We began to eat the pizza at one of the tables they had there, just talking. I had eaten two pieces of pizza before I put my skates in and began to skate. I was skating for a few minutes before Calum decided to come with me.

He grabbed ahold of my hand, and we skated together. When we were younger, we used to see a lot of couples skating together. He would tell me that just as long as we didn't hold hands, we wouldn't be seen as a couple. Now, we wanted to be seen as a couple. I loved it.

As we skated in circles, we went faster and faster. I fell once, and since I was holding Calum's hand, he fell with me. He got rite back up and helped me to do the same. Skating with Calum was a lot more fun when we were together than when we were just friends.

I wanted to eat a third piece of pizza, but I decided to eat it while skating. I was holding it in my hand until Calum came towards me from behind and stole it out of my hands. I saw him take a bite before handing it back to me. He was such a dork, but that's what I love about him.

I playfully hit his arm after I got the pizza back from him. He laughed, and I finished my pizza. I then grabbed his hand again, and we began to skate it circles once more.

We were skating for about two hours. Once we got tired, we stopped. We just sat and listened to the music that was playing while watching a lot of other couples skate. We didn't decide to go home until twenty minutes after we got done skating.

We went back to Calum's house. Joy greeted us as we walked into the house. I smiled back at her before passing the living room, where she was.

Calum began to walk up into his bedroom. I followed, and we sat on his bed once we got up into his room.

I grabbed a piece of pizza from the box we had brought home with us. Calum got out his phone and played a song. I instantly recognized it.

"Remember this?" He asked.

"Of course I remember it! You guys recorded it?"

"Yeah. I didn't tell you that?"

"No, you didn't. That's great!"

"I really like this song because I wrote it about the girl I love."

"I love you too Cal," I smiled, kissing his cheek while listening to the song.

After being in his room for a while, I had to go to the bathroom. I excused myself from being in Calum's arms before walking out of the room.

When I walked back into the room after coming out of the bathroom, Calum was standing there in only his underwear, smirking at me,


I'm sorry that the past few chapters have been really short😔

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