Chapter 12: Playing a Game

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Chapter 12: Playing a Game

"Alright ladies!" Taylor shouted at the soccer team. We all snapped up our heads and stared at the tall brunette. "Now," Taylor began once she had everyone's attention.  "During some miracle we were blessed with winning out past five games. This means that we may have a slight chance winning against Crestful this year."

            "Way to boost our self esteem, Taylor!" Another player on our team, Sophia, shouted.

            "I just don't want you guys to think that we actually have a real chance of going to states this year," Taylor scoffed with narrowed eyes at Sophia. Sophie, in response, rolled her eyes and gave her the middle finger once Taylor turned her back. The team snickered, but Taylor ignored them thinking it was nothing.

            "Such a loving team," I mumbled under my breath. Thankfully, no one heard me.

            "Everyone be here at 2:30 sharp on Thursday for the game," Taylor instructed us.

            "But Taylor, we don't get out of school till 2:30," Madison pointed out.

            "Well then, you better figure out how to get here." Taylor waved us all away and headed towards the locker rooms. The team mumbled many things under their breaths, but headed to the locker room as well.

            I walked over to the sideline and slugged on my backpack. The boy's soccer team had an away game today, so unfortunately Aspen couldn't drive me home. It became a habit for him to drive me. Usually, he would hold my hand during the whole ride. We hadn't planned another date yet, and that bummed me out a little. Our first date was loads of fun and it allowed me to learn so much about him. Sam cornered me with questions after the date, but I figured that would happen. Even though she had a boyfriend, it didn't prevent her from crushing on my date.

            "El!" I heard a shout from the parking lot.

            My eyes glanced up and I saw Caleb's familiar face smiling at me. His hand was waving at me.

            I jogged over to meet him with a smile on my face. "Hey Caleb, I didn't know you were picking me up," I said once I reached him.       

            "I figured that your typical driver wasn't here today, so I would take the chance to drive you." He beamed. 

            "Thanks, Caleb," I said and reached for his shoulder. I looked at my feet guilty. "I'm sorry."

            "It is what it is." Caleb shrugged and opened the car door for me.

            I crawled into his car and threw my bag into the back. "Will you be attending my soccer game against Crestful?" I asked once Caleb got into the car.

            "Of course! Just remind Aspen that I'm always going to be your number one fan." He winked at me as he pulled out of the parking lot.

            I laughed. "I'm sure you guys can share that position." The idea of having Aspen rooting for me at all my games made my feet tingle. It would make me feel like we were actually a couple. Then again, we weren't "official" yet. We only went on one -well technically two- dates and the other times we hung out was when he drove me home.

            "I just don't like sharing," Caleb said.

            "Oh please," I laughed to him. To the side of me, Caleb smirked. His hand shot off the wheel and poked me in the side. "Caleb!" I squealed as he dug deeper and deeper into my sides. Laughter escaped my lips. "Caleb, please," I gasped for air as I slowly died from being tickled.

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