Concert - Luis Coronel

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Abby rubbed my back. "Just enjoy tonight." She said sympathetically.

I wiped away a few tears.

I wasn't as excited as I was before, considering I just got my heart broken.

We waited awhile for people to pile in and then the concert started.

I noticed I was still crying and quickly wiped my tears.

I kept my head down.

I then heard girls scream, including Abby. I assumed Luis Coronel came out. I heard him talk but I honestly just blocked him out.

My phone then vibrated and I looked at the message.

'I'm sorry baby. It was a mistake.. please give me another chance..'

I replied back,

'If it was a mistake then you shouldn't have fucking done it... I have one question though... did y'all go further..?'

I hit sent.

I looked up at Luis. He was amazingly handsome like Abby said. He was perfect.

His voice was perfect too. He sounded like an angel.

My phone vibrated again. I looked down and checked my notifications. I had a message.

I opened the message ;

'I'm so sorry..'

Three simple words yet I knew what he meant by that. Was I not good enough?

I put my phone into my pocket.

I looked up to see a hand being held out in front of me.

I looked up to see Luis. My breath got caught in my throat.

I quickly wiped my tears and grabbed his hand. He pulled me up on stage and started singing to me. I heard Abby scream.

I smiled as he handed me a rose.

I looked down shyly.

He lifted up my chin and stared into my eyes.

"Mi niña traviesa tu eres mi princesa, hermosa sonrisa mirada coqueta, mi niña traviesa yo quiero decirte, que si yo no te miro, me pongo muy triste, mi niña traviesa tengo la certeza, de que seras para mi, me traes de cabeza," he sang.

My heart melted. He then hugged me.

He kissed my cheek and led me back off stage.

I couldn't stop smiling. It was like my world had stopped at that moment.

I looked up at him and he smiled at me and continued with the concert.

I couldn't help but blush.

"Oh my gosh! He pulled you up onstage!" Abby yelled into my ear jumping up and down.

I giggled, "Yeah I saw that." I said sarcastically.

"Don't act like you didn't like it, I saw you blushing!" She hit my arm.

I chuckled. "Of course, I loved it.. but why would he choose me?" I asked looking back up at him and watched him sing.

"I don't know, but it was cute." She said paying her attention back to Luis.


The concert had ended and Abby couldn't stop jumping up and down.

"We're going to meet him, oh my gosh." She squealed.

"Calm down!" I laughed.

We waited in line for almost over an hour considering there was a lot of girls and we were in the back of the line.

I sighed getting more tired as the minutes passed by. My feet were pounding.

As we got into the front of the line, Luis glanced over at us and smiled before going back to take the picture with the girl he was with.

"He smiled at you!" She exclaimed.

"More like us." I muttered.

Abby was up next and squealed when she met him. I shook my head, laughing a little.

After Abby was done she left and it was my turn. My heart was pounding.

I walked up to him.

"Hola chula, como estas?" He smiled before pulling me into a hug.

I quickly hugged back, inhaling his scent. He smelled so good.

He hugged me for a few seconds before whispering in my ear.

"I saw you crying at the concert, I hope you're okay." He whispered tightening our hug.

"Thank you Luis, I appreciate it." I whispered back.

He pulled back and had the guy take a photo if us.

Luis kissed my cheek and the guy took the photo.

I blushed and looked down.

"Have a great day chula." He gave me another hug.

When he pulled away, he held onto my hand and didn't let go.

I laughed softly.

I then realized there was a paper he was trying to make me grab. I held onto the paper and he let go.

"Bye, hermosa" he smiled widely.

I smiled back and walked off to find Abby.

As I was walking away, I opened the note which read ,

"It hurt me when I saw your beautiful face crying. I'm glad I cheered you up, please text me chula? xxx-xxx-xxxx"

Did Luis Coronel actually give me his number?

I couldn't stop smiling.

I put the note away in my pocket and walked on.

I'll never forget this day.

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