Concert - Luis Coronel

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This is a cute imagine!

I made up names so don't be confused about it.

Enjoy chulas!

* *

"I'm so excited!" Abby squealed.

"Chill Abby." I rolled my eyes. This was all she talked about since she found out.

"How can you not be excited, (Y/N)?!" She exclaimed. "This is Luis Coronel we're talking about here! He's amazingly handsome and incredibly talented and he's coming to town!"

To be honest, I wasn't as big of a fan of him, I seen him in pictures but I never actually heard his songs. Although he was amazingly handsome like Abby mentioned.

The concert was in a couple of hours, and it was all she talked about. I mean, I'm excited but not as excited as she.

"And we're going to meet him!" She yelled excitedly.

I laughed at her craziness. I had gotten her the VIP tickets for her birthday. I honestly expected her to go with someone else but she insisted I'd go because I bought them.

We pulled up at the arena and she quickly got out.

Jesus help me with this girl.

I got out the car and locked it and went towards the direction where she ran.

"Look (Y/N)! We're the first ones here!" She squealed.

"Oh course we would be, you made us come here 2 hours early!" I groaned.

"It'll be worth the wait." She waved me off going on her phone.

I sighed, sitting on the floor by the doors, knowing we'd be here for awhile.

A few minutes later, two more girls showed up.

They came up and waited behind us.

An hour later, the line started to get longer and longer.

I got up and dusted myself off and went on my phone.

All of a sudden I got a message.

My heart dropped at what I saw.

From: Unknown Number

'Does this look like a faithful boyfriend to you? I'm sorry.'

It was a picture of my boyfriend kissing another girl.

Tears started to build up in my eyes.

"Hey what's wrong?" Abby asked worried.

I showed her my phone.

"That asshole!" She growled. "The next time I see him he's gonna get it!"
I took my phone out of her hands and typed back

'Thank you.'

I then sent a message to my now ex boyfriend.

'Nice to know you loved me. You're such an asshole. It's over. & don't even try texting back. Goodbye.'

I attached the picture and hit sent. I felt so upset and heartbroken.

I looked at the time to see that it was now 8.

A guy then came out and told everyone to get into a straight line and get their tickets ready.

He asked me and Abby for our tickets and we showed him our VIPs and motioned us to go to the left while most people went to the right.

We walked into the arena and it was huge.

Me and Abby walked in front of the stage and stood at the center of it.

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