Chapter 2

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Threne's POV

As I finally reach my house, I immediately run into my room, the cat still in my hand. I then gently place him on the floor.

"Wait here. I'm going to find some cat shampoo. You are clearly going to take a bath." I speak while softly gazing at the bloody cat.

He meow as a response and he looks so cute. I supresses a squeal from leaving my mouth by biting my lower lip. Instead, I let out a smile and bend on my knees to pat it's fluffy head.

"Now, be a good boy."

I quickly walk up to the cabinet, trying to see if the shampoo is still there. Fortunately, there is. I carry Ean and put him in the bathtub with warm water.

"Be careful or your wound will open again, and you don't want that, don't you?"

Ean meow as an answer. I look at his crystal light blue eyes and I notice that there's no fear in it.

"I'll take that as a no."

 I wash him as he purr in my touch causing for me to giggle.

He's so cute when he purr. I just wanna hug him,squeeze him,kiss him and etc! But I control myself.

I rub his fur very gently, and when I am done, I get my towel and dry him up.

After all this breathtaking bath, I walk to the kitchen to grab some cat food which is under the cabinet so mom can't see it. I grab the plate and put the cat food there and toss it to him. First, he slowly made his way to the food and then lick it until he takes a bite out of it.

A happy smile forms on my face as I watch him eat.

The whole day, I keep him company. This is the first time that I feel too much happiness. In the past,I always get anxious because my mom might see the animals that I have brought but now,I feel free. My heart feels light.

I can finally have a pet.

Night came,I went to my room as he follows me. I hastily lie down on my bed as soon as I reach my room. I pat the empty right side, signaling him that he can lay beside me.

He jumps into my bed but instead of going to where I pat, he laid in my stomach looking at me so cutely. I chuckle and nuzzle my nose to him.

"You're so cute, Ean. I wanted to squeeze you."

He purrs again and started to doze off to sleep. I stare at his half close eyes which would open a little until it completely close. His sleeping face made sleep also claims me. I sleep peacefully,happiness reigning in my heart.

The next day, I'm suddenly awaken by a sticky substance in my face. I open my eyes a little only to know that Ean is licking my face.

"Good morning Ean. You can stop now,I'm already awake!"

He stop and looks at me. I can't help but chuckle and pat his head.

"I'm going to school. You can stay here."

He meows and lick my nose as I giggle and hug him enthusiastically.

I rise up from my bed and start doing all my morning routines. After that, I went to the cabinet to get some cat food.

"I'm going, Ean. Be a good boy while I'm away, okay?" I said as I stare down at the cat.

He rubs his fur in my legs and purred. I smile and pat his head before leaving to school. As I reach the school, a sigh leaves my mouth as soon as I see my best friend wearing some "a little bit censored" dress.

"Oh hey Miley!"

"Hera, what the heck are you wearing? Are you going to some nightclub? This is a school!"

"Whatever. This school doesn't care anyway. Why didn't you came back to the class? I got worried you know?" I only nod with a smile,recalling my cat Ean.

"I saw a cat,wounded. And since I have a soft heart,I ended up bringing him home."

Then suddenly she stop walking and looks at me with a weird look.

"You didn't join the class because you brought the cat back to your house." She said dryly while her left brow rise.

I nod again as a sigh escape from her mouth.

"So, how's your day without your mother." She asks, changing the topic.

"A little bit sad but I'm happy now because of the cute cat and I named him Ean. He has a tiger like fur. He made me happy and keep me company. " I said with a happy look.

She mouths the word 'oh', understanding now what I meant.

"Lets get in. I don't wanna be late from the class"

"Yeah, yeah."

After the classes are dismiss, I quickly get into my feet and walk towards my locker.

"Hey Miley, wanna come with me at Friday night?" Hera asks while putting her books in her locker.

I look at her. "Where?"

"In Alex's house. You know, he would like to invite us in his house because he's going to throw a party." she said happily.

"You know I hate parties." I said,an evidence of disagreement hinted on my tone.

"Pretty please?" She made this puppy eyes. Of course I tried to fight it but her in the end,I gave in which made me grunt and slap my face using my two hands.

"Fine." I said in defeat.

"Okay! Now, be ready because I'm going to fetch you in that day. See ya!" She waves her hand and disappears in the crowd.

I sigh and close my locker not knowing if the decision I made is a good thing or not.

As I walk down on the streets to my house,I found six little boys throwing stones on a--

Wait, is that a cat? I went there to get a better look and it really is a cat.

"What are you doing?!"

As soon as they heard my voice that is obviously mixed with rage and panic, they turn away and run while laughing.

"Tsk. Evil little brats. I hope they trip on something."

Call me evil but I don't care. I'm not really a child lover since they are annoying.

I watch the poor little black cat as it hisses towards me. I flinch and look at it with pity in my eyes. I walk towards it before sitting and slowly reach for it.

"Come on, I wont hurt you."

It continues to hiss and tries to scratch me.

"Oh, kitty."

It really is angry and afraid. I wish I could teach those brats some lessons and give them my piece of mind.

I continue to stare at the cat until an idea struck in my mind. I quickly got my bag and search for the cat food. I have bought this food from the store near the school for Ean.

"Here kitty." I slowly went to the kitten as it sniffs at the food in my hands. It slowly made its way towards my hand and eat all the cat food. I chuckle as it looks happy. It stops and stares at me with an irritated face.


It ignores me and continue to eat.

"Hey, wanna come with me?" I ask, trying to get his attention.

It stops again and looks at me. My breath stop for I moment when its eyes made contact on mine. He has a very beautiful sparkly eyes like emerald. But there is darkness swirling inside them. I came back to my senses when I heard him meow.

"So that means you agree on coming with me?" I ask, hoping that he would agree.

It meow again as a positive response. Happiness swell in my chest as a smile brighten my face.

"Well then, lets go!"

End of Chapter 2

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