Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Level Seven

Kara debriefed for hours back at operations. Gabriel was speechless when she told him she could touch the elemental without the silver gloves. But when she got to the part where a golden beam shot out from her hand—Gabriel stopped blinking. The three oracles writing up the reports fainted and fell off their crystals.

“Golden light shot out of your hand?”


“It—it came out of your hand?”

“Yes, like I told you…it just sort of came out…and bam!—Asmodeus went flying. Then he started to shake and twitch. He was all covered in a golden light and then he vanished. I’m sure that’s happened before, right? Um—are you okay? You look like a little freaked out?”

“I have to speak to the council of ministers. Stay here.” Gabriel stormed out of the tent.

“Okay…?” Kara watched him disappear beyond the red dunes.

A few hours later, an oracle found her and told her to present herself to level six, where the council of ministers awaited her.

She had succeeded in her mission, her life-quest. Soon she would be reunited with her mother, back in her old mortal body. She needed to make up for all the years she had wronged her mother—her mother who has been a guardian angel all along. She was restless. She ran all the way back to the elevator.

Kara followed the oracle down the platform towards the entrance to the council of minister’s chamber. Her mind flashed back to Asmodeus and wondered if she should tell the council that he had given her the mark. No—it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m going home.

The oracle pulled open the metal door to the building and rolled himself back out of the way.

Kara stepped inside.

Cheers exploded all around her, like a sudden burst of thunder. In the thousands, the entire Legion of guardian angels was gathered along the length of the hall to welcome her back. The thousands of clapping hands sounded like firecrackers. She walked through the crowds. She saw angels pushing and shoving each other just to get a look at her. She saw a young angel fall flat on her face in a faint.

“Look, it’s her! That’s Kara Nightingale!”

“The one who beat Asmodeus!”

“She saved the elemental!”

“She saved us all!”

Kara couldn’t help but laugh. This is so freaking weird. I have my own paparazzi.

The oracle ploughed his way through the mob and down the hall to the large council doors. He pushed them open and rolled to the side. Kara left the crowd behind and entered the council chamber. The doors shut behind her.

One by one, the council members stood up and started clapping. Embarrassed, she looked to the floor. A long red carpet spread all the way down to the dais. She’d never thought that one day she’d be walking down a red carpet.

Kara followed the red carpet until she was near the dais. Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Michael stood at the head of the council table, their faces cracked in wide grins. Kara turned her head to her right and saw David. She couldn’t believe she had forgotten about him. She felt a tingling of hope. He made his way over to her, smiling broadly. His perfect face was just as she had last seen it. But his eyes seemed darker than usual. She saw a trace of sadness in them.

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