Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


Kara blinked as she stared at the reflections rippling along the water. She wondered if this was her last time staring down at the shinning waters of the pools. Or her last mission jump. The jumps were by far her favorite things now. She would miss the tingling sensation she felt all over her body—right before she’d disappear. It reminded her of the crazy rides at La Ronde—the saucer like ride that spun extremely fast, which pinned your back against the wall so that you were unable to move—and when the machine went into overdrive you felt like your body was coming apart, piece by piece. It was freaking cool.

The salt water smell filled her nostrils. The plops and splashes from the neighboring pools echoed in her ears. She tried to think positively about her assignment, even though the outcome was ninety-nine point nine percent sure to fail. She wondered what the archangels felt about leaving Horizon in the hands of a rookie guardian angel. She was probably going to die today, which meant she’d be responsible for destroying the entire Legion—just a wee bit of tress on her life-quest.

David had taken Kara to train for a few hours before her mission, so she could practice a few moves before taking the big plunge. She wasn’t focused, and she kept falling, missing her strikes and landing with her face three inches deep in the sand. Frustrated, she couldn’t concentrate on anything except David, and how he still didn’t trust her. She just couldn’t get it out of her head.

He put on a brave face for everyone else, but she sensed the suspicion, saw it flash in his eyes and in his body language. He tried to hide it, even now, with the fake training—the fake caring. She felt betrayed—the kiss had meant nothing to him.

It was a strange thing to fall in love in Horizon, without a heart to break—a broken soul felt just as painful as a broken heart to Kara... She noticed that David never made eye contact with her either, and he kept yelling out words to the invisible person above her head. She felt anger—she wanted to hit him hard in the face.

Soon David gave up. He sensed she wasn’t there in spirit. Kara stopped lifting her blade entirely. They walked back in silence to the big white tent. Kara received her new assignment. The oracle told her that the Scouts had only just arrived back. They had given one positive location on the elemental. She had only one hour to find the child this time. Time was of the essence. And she knew her own time was running out.

To make matters worse, the entire Legion seemed to have come to operations to see Kara off. Trying to get a glimpse of the freak traitor before I disappear, eh? She looked around at the hundreds of gathered guardian angels staring at her. She heard them whispering.

“Look! That’s her, she’s the one—”

“Is she really a traitor?”

“Tom says he saw the demons Mark himself—she must be—”

“Look! I can see the Mark on her—”

“Strange how she was still chosen?”

“Yeah, but she’s a rookie, she’ll never make it back.”

Kara stood in silence for a moment, absorbing the stings form the words she had just heard. She wiggled her backpack and tightened the straps. She thought of her mother. If she succeeded, not only would Horizon be safe—but she would have her life back. She would take care of her mother. For now, it was the only glint of hope she had left. Her mortal life would have to do.

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