Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Last Hope

Kara recuperated in a rejuvenating orange bubble, at level three of the miracles division, in the Healing-Xpress. When was herself again, the archangel Raphael sent her to operations on level two to debrief.

Kara ran out of patience with the elevator’s operator; a huge gorilla, who tried to steal some of the dried flesh from her scalp. When the gorilla had turned around, she grabbed a handful of fur from his butt.

“Take that, King Kong!” said Kara as she flicked the black fur from her fingers and watched it fall on the ground. After that, King Kong did his best to ignore her and kept to himself, rubbing the bald spot on his bottom.

She jumped off the elevator and headed towards the white tent. The air was thick with salt. Kara quickened her pace. She could see David at the head table, speaking to another angel. She felt a stinging in her chest. She was a bit mad that she had awoken at miracles division, without a David to accompany her. But why would he be there anyway? He had labeled her a traitor. Maybe he’d hoped she wouldn’t make it back? She watched Gabriel converse with another archangel whom she had never seen before. He was even larger than Gabriel. His golden brown skin shone brightly in the sunlight and contrasted with his silver and golden robes. Silky dark brown hair brushed his muscular shoulders, and his face was the fairest Kara had even seen—a male model fresh out of a fashion magazine.

Kara walked up to the table. Her eyes turned to David immediately. He turned towards her.

“Hey—how you feeling?” He lifted his hand. And when he was about to place it on her shoulder, he withdrew it, as though her body was contagious, still hot with the Mark. He let his hand drop at his side. His face was screwed up, like he had bitten into something sour.

Kara looked away, hiding the pain in her eyes. “I’m okay, I guess.”

She turned her head around and looked for the members of the other two groups. Images of Brooke haunted her. Maybe she could have done more to try and save Brooke. She searched the tent. There were angels in combat practice, but no recognizable faces from the life-quest mission.

“Where is everyone?” Her eyes locked with David’s. “Am I the first one back?”

David threw a quick glance over to the archangels, before turning back to Kara. He dropped his shoulders.

“They didn’t make it.” He spoke in a whisper.

The floor started to spin. Kara blinked several times, trying to compose herself. “What do you mean—they didn’t make it? What are you saying?”

Although she had no lungs, at that moment, she felt as though she was suffocating.

“They were all killed.” The husky voice came from the handsome archangel, as he broke away from Gabriel and took a step towards Kara.

“You’re the only survivor, Kara.”

He wiped a long fringe of hair away from his face as his piercing green eyes studied her closely, as if she were an abstract painting.

“I’m the only survivor?” Kara croaked, “No—that can’t be…I don’t believe it.”

“It’s true,” said David.

Kara shook her head stubbornly. “No! The elemental child was at the safe house where Brooke and I had gone, not the others. They’re probably late—yeah, maybe they’re on their way back now.”

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