Chapter 14

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Chapter 14


Kara opened her eyes and blinked in the blackness. Vega still made her feel a little dizzy, but right now the darkness freaked her out. She tried to blink the blackness away, but it didn’t work. She wiggled her mortal suit’s hand up to her face, but she couldn’t see it. There was only blackness. The air was tight, and she could hear the faint drippings of a water pipe.

“Brooke?” whispered Kara. Her eyes strained to adjust themselves to the darkness which they couldn’t penetrate.

“I’m over here,” Brooke whispered back.

Kara heard the scrape of feet on concrete, and after a moment she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

“I think we’re in a basement. See if you can find a light switch on the wall to your left—I’m gonna try over to the right.” Brooke let go of Kara’s shoulder, and Kara heard her footsteps go in the opposite direction.

“Okay.” Kara was in complete darkness. She forced herself to calm down and thought about what she was going to do once she was alive again. And when her nerves were calm, she struggled to move her feet. After five steps, her hands touched a cold hard surface.

“I’ve found a wall.” Kara slid her hands up and down and tried to feel for a switch of some kind. She heard a faint click behind her, and the lights went on.

“Found it,” declared Brooke, at the opposite end of the basement.

The basement was unfinished, with a dirt filled concrete floor and open walls with exposed insulation. Cobwebs fell from the ceiling like see through curtains and covered some scraps of old wood furniture that were piled in the corners. The room looked forgotten.

“There’s some stairs over here.” Brooke pointed to her right and waved Kara to follow. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Wait!” said Kara. “Is this 1228 Pine Avenue?”

Brooke shook her head. “No. The Legion wouldn’t transport us to the safe house directly. But we’re probably really close.”

They climbed out of the basement, pushed open a heavy wooden door and found a hallway. The old oak floors creaked as the girls sneaked down the hall, trying to find the way out. A musty carpet smell lingered in the air—just like Kara’s grandma’s house. She loved that stink. She was certain this house belonged to an elderly person. They came to a foyer, which opened to the front door. Even in the dark, Kara could make out the flowered wallpaper covering the walls. Brooke mouthed, “This way,” and trod towards the door. She turned the lock very slowly and pulled open the front door.

They stepped down three concrete stairs onto a sidewalk. A full moon shone down from a black sky. The cool September wind carrying a smell of wet pavement caressed Kara’s cheeks, while a light drizzle of rain patted her hair. She wiped the wet from her cheeks and turned to face Brook.

Brooke turned her head, “Look—we’re on 1194 Pine Avenue West.” She pointed to the black numbers nailed to the front of the cape-cod style house they had just left. “We’re just a few blocks away.”

Kara glanced at her wrist watch. “It’s 8:40 pm. We have 20 minutes to get there.”

At that moment, thunder exploded above their heads and released a deluge of rain. The angry skies had sucked in the moon light and only the old street lamps showed them the way.

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