Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Life Quest

On the ride back to operations, travelling by sky-car and then the elevator, Kara relived the events from the council in her head. If she succeeded in her new mission, she would be with her mother very soon. It was her only chance to make things right. Failure was not an option.

But some of the events with the High Council had left her feeling less than perfectly happy. Clearly, some of the members didn’t believe her and wanted her dead, which meant a big part of the Legion was also in doubt. But Kara was even more determined to prove her innocence. She wasn’t a liar, or a traitor. Her new mission, this life-quest, was the perfect opportunity to show them all—and David.

She thought of all the possibilities that having her life again would offer her. She’d be with her mom again. She’d have a chance at her career as an artist, and she could maybe even slip in a little love? She stole a look at David and felt herself go limp. He had accused her of playing with his emotions—of using him—did that mean he cared for her? Now he was giving her the cold shoulder again. And something was different about the way he looked at her. She thought she saw fear flash behind his eyes a few times. But why? What was he so afraid of?

They strolled along in the ruby sand on their way to the large white tent. Gabriel hovered over a table and examined some documents. Five other guardian angels lingered around and talked amongst themselves. None of them turned to greet Kara and David. They all ignored her. Some smiled at David, but most of them avoided eye contact with Kara.

I’m like a freaking leper to them.

She felt a sting in her chest. “Does the entire Legion know about the Mark?” she asked David.

“Words travel fast here. I’m sure everybody knew about it before we were called to the council meeting.”

“Great,” she sighed. “They’re all treating me like I’m guilty. But I’m not!”

“Don’t waste your time with them—you need to stay focused on your new mission.”

She stared at the small gathering of angels. “Hey? I’m the only rookie—everyone here is a Petty Officer? Is that normal?”

“I don’t know.”

“And look—Benson is here.”

David scowled. “Well, well…my favorite douche bag. What were the odds of him showing up?” Benson looked at David with contempt. He puffed out his chest and squared his shoulders.

Kara bit her lip and followed David towards the group. Gabriel lifted his head as they approached and met her eyes. She looked quickly away and stood next to David.

“Kara Nightingale,” said the archangel, “glad you could join us.”

He waved a large hand over to the group. His attention then turned to David. “You don’t have to stay with Kara, David. She will be well taken care of.”

David kicked some red sand and looked up. “I’m here for moral support, Gaby,” he grinned. He met Benson’s glare and blew him a kiss.

A moment later, Benson sneaked away from the group and moved closer to David, so that only he and Kara could hear what he had to say. “Didn’t know you liked your women dirty, David?” Benson cracked a smile.

Kara saw David’s jaw tighten. “You’ve got five seconds to piss off, dickhead.”

“I would have never pictured you frolicking with the enemy,” said Benson, as he cocked an eyebrow and stared at Kara, before looking back at David. “I didn’t think it was your style.”

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