Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

The Council of Ministers

After Kara and David left the Miracles Division, they went back to Operations. They could only wait until the council of ministers decided to summon them. Gabriel handed them piles of new job files instead—never mentioning the demon’s Mark. It was as though it had never happened.

Their first assignment: Mr. John Yong, 1240 Peel Street—sidewalk, 1:24 pm. Suffocates due to a severe allergic reaction to cherry gum. And while David was on the lookout for demons from the shadows of a building, Kara sneaked behind Mr. Yong as he popped in his gum and gave him the Heimlich maneuver of his life. The gum came rocketing out of his mouth and landed in some woman’s hair. Too shocked and confused to speak, Mr. Yong’s bulging eyes were a good enough sign that he was alive and that the job was done.

Moving on, they then tackled: Mrs. Rose Roy, at 359 Messier Street apt. # 34, 6:12pm—who fries her brain, by using the convection oven to dry her new perm. Impersonating students selling the local newspaper, Kara and David were able to sneak into the retirement home, go up the third floor and talk Mrs. Roy out of using the oven to dry her hair.

During all this time on the job, David gave Kara the silent treatment. She stuck to small talk and work related conversations. She hated him one day and was totally into him the next. She hated herself for being so sensitive, so typically female.

Good one Kara. I’ve become one of those girls I hate.

At times she wanted to give up and leave him to hate her—to ask for a new Petty Officer. But Kara was determined to prove her innocence to David and to the rest of the Legion.

Kara and David hopped out of the elevator back to level two when they had completed their rescue missions. Gabriel greeted them with a scowl.

“Files!” he barked. He took the job files from David and waited for the oracle to roll over and take them away. Kara watched the archangel as his dark eyes darted from David to her and back again. The look in his eyes was fierce, and it frightened her.

“It is time,” said Gabriel, his perfect face showed no emotion.

“Time for what, big G?” David flashed a set of pearly whites.

Gabriel’s fixed his eyes onto Kara. She shook, as she felt a tickle inside her, moving from the top of her head to her toes. Then her forehead got really cold, like when you eat ice cream really fast and get brain freeze. She looked at Gabriel. He wasn’t blinking, as if he were in a trance. Somehow, she could feel a part of him inside her, searching her core. And for a long moment, he didn’t speak. He turned his attention back to David as he spoke.

“The archangel Uriel is ready for you. The council will see you now.” And with that, Gabriel turned and left Kara and David to contemplate their fate.

“Why was he staring at me like that?” she shuddered. “I feel a little violated. It was like he was trying to see through me—a bit freakish.”

David flipped the collar from his leather jacket. “I don’t know—but we better get going.”

Kara searched David’s face. “So what are the council of ministers going to do?”

David turned around and started to walk back to the elevator.

Kara ran to catch up. “Do you know why we have to go?”

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