Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Miracles Division


It seemed days later when she finally opened her eyes.

Her body was enveloped in something soft. It followed her every move like the waterbed she once tried at her Aunt Tracy’s house. She turned her head in every which way and saw only orange. As she moved, a semi-liquid substance pressed against her like jell-o. She reached out. Her hands stopped at a harder subsurface. She felt up and down and around. She was inside a globule. She opened her mouth to scream. Liquid poured in. She closed her mouth. I’m in a freaking orange bubble!

She strained to see past the semi-translucent shell. Shadows of bubbles floated all around her. She looked down at herself. Her clothes were gone. She was completely naked. She whirled around inside her bubble, kicking with her legs and flailing her arms.

There was a sudden loud pop—Kara felt the bubble break below her, she slipped and fell into a pool of water. She struggled to the surface, where buckets of the jell-o substance came drooling down on her.

“Gross!” she yelled, as she wiped her eyes. She was inside a massive warehouse-like building made of shimmering brass metal. A great metal contraption of interwoven pipes and wires stood at her left, reaching all the way to the top—like her uncle’s car garage, but without the oily cigarette smell. The pool ran the length of the building and sparkled in the sun light which spilled from the sky lights above.

Thousands of soft orange spheres, the size of a person, hovered in the air, like giant soap bubbles. They bounced off each other in the crowded space.

She heard a shuffle of feet and turned to see a cherub with a glass jar full of souls stop at an operational panel on the left. With some effort, the cherub stood on the top of its toes and dumped the souls into an opening. They flowed up through a pipe, where she couldn’t see them, to a giant translucent tube extruded from the top of the machine. The souls rolled inside the machine for a moment and then popped out, one by one, enveloped by orange bubbles. She could make out the silhouettes of GAs wiggling inside these bubbles—as they grew slowly into their human forms.

Something moved in her peripheral vision. A group of guardian angels stood below one of the globules, looking up. Suddenly, the bag broke and, with a splash a naked GA plopped into the pool. She heard buzzing. She read a huge flashing neon sign, Healing-Xpress.

Kara made a face. “Whoa—I think I swallowed too much of that orange stuff.”

She brought her hands to her face. Her body gave off a strong citrus smell, as though the orange substance was some sort of fruit punch. She heard the faint patter of some walking behind her. She turned and looked up into sparkling blue eyes.

“Here—” David threw her a towel and turned his back. “You can cover yourself with that, until we get you some clothes.”

Kara’s mouth seemed sewn shut. She struggled to open it.

“Thanks,” she croaked. She pulled herself up and over the ledge into a sitting position. She wiped her body down. “And you’ve been here for how long—staring at my naked body—if that’s what this is.” She wiped her face with the towel and then carefully wrapped herself in it

“I just got here.”

She studied David’s back. He did come to see me. Maybe he believes me now?

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