Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Oodles for Noodles

For the following days, neither of them mentioned the kiss. Kara wasn’t sure if she should bring it up. She couldn’t shut her mind up on the subject. Maybe he regretted doing it? Maybe it was the after effects of the gin tonic, and he thought he was kissing some gorgeous voluptuous model instead of her? And now, realizing the truth, perhaps he was embarrassed and hated himself for kissing a girl whose feminine curves had been flattened by a giant spatula. She decided to wait for the perfect moment to bring it up, if he didn’t.

And so, she and David submerged themselves in their work.

After a good combat training workout, they strutted away from the great white tent at Operations with their next job. David handed Kara the file, and they made their way towards the pools.

Kara’s jaw dropped as she stared at the paper. “A drunk city bus driver is going to crash his bus into a busy Chinese restaurant—Oodles for Noodles. Ten dead mortals, including children!” She looked up at David. “This is my next assignment? Are they freak’n mad? I don’t want to be responsible for this!”

David took the file back from Kara, folded it and hid it inside his leather jacket. “We all get tough assignments like this, once in a while. It’s part of the job.” He clasped his hands on the metal railing and pulled himself up the four sets of stairs, onto the pool’s platform.  “We stop the accident, we stop all those people from dying,” David said, as Kara climbed up behind him.

“I’ll never get used to this new life,” said Kara. “The life I had before was so simple…I didn’t have to save anyone from dying—I just—ate ice cream and painted.” She stared down at the caustics rippling along the surface of the light blue waters, as her mind flashed on the remnants of her mortal life, the simple life. “…and demons didn’t want to suck my brains out and have them for lunch.”

David ignored her and stretched, preparing for the jump. “You have your gear?”

“Yup.” Kara slid a blue and white backpack from her shoulders and rummaged through it. “I got my map, sword, salt shakers and my badass butterfly net,” giggled Kara, as the idea of salt shakers and fish nets as gear was still a little outrageous to her.

David stepped up to the ledge of the pool. “Let’s go. On three—one—two—three—!”

Kara and David strutted up Decarie Boulevard. They zigzagged through crowds of students who were cutting class and some elderly shoppers who dragged their feet as they went. The busy street overwhelmed Kara’s ears with loud honks and running motors. They made their way north, taking in the exhaust stink.

“What’s the address again?” asked Kara.

“674 Decarie Boulevard, near the corner of De L’Église Street.”

Kara looked up the street. “And we have to be there for 3:45pm—what time is it now?”

“It’s 3:38pm,” said David, as he glanced at his watch. “And I can see the address from here.”

He pointed with his right arm to a one floor stone building, where Oodles for Noodles was squished in the middle by shops on either side, like the custard from a giant mille-feuille. It was just a block away, and they reached it within two minutes.

Kara stared at the oncoming traffic. “Do we know what city bus were looking for? The number or something?”

“204,” said David. “It should be an out-of-service bus.”

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