Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

A traitor among us

Time passed in Horizon. From time to time Kara thought about her painting, and about the life she left behind. But now her old life seemed insignificant and dull compared with the busy new life she led now. Every now and then, when she thought of her mother, the feelings of guilt and homesickness would start. But with all she had to learn at combat training and her new lessons with the oracles, Kara didn’t have time to feel sorry for herself.

She learned from Gabriel that the Legion was nervous about the fact that higher demons kept showing up whenever she was on the job. They feared a connection between Kara and the demons. If they suspected a traitor, they didn’t mention it to her, or to David. Instead, they had her spend hours on end trying to connect with her other souls—which wasn’t happening. It was not until she cussed out the oracle for getting her name wrong for the hundredth time, that he finally dismissed her until their next lesson

Before long, Kara started to adjust better to the new life and job in Horizon—she even saved another three souls. But she soon found out, according to the archangel Gabriel, that this wasn’t good enough—she had to try to save the mortals first, before the soul.

Otherwise her training sessions with David proved to be fruitful and enriching in every respect. Her senses became more powerful, and so did her instincts. Kara was getting better with each lesson, and in a short time David began training her on different weapons. She even surprised herself a little, when she began to enjoy herself and even began—if only slightly—to accept her new fate as a guardian angel.

Then David broke the news about Benson to Kara.

“He’s on his way now—566 Saint-Catherine’s Street East,” he informed her. “Apparently, the Legion’s got him on a Scout mission.”

“What’s a scout mission?”

“Scouts gather info for the Legion—like detective work, but GA style.”

“That sounds cool!” Kara imagined herself in a dark trench coat and black fedora hat, spying on would-be-traitors in a dark alley way, snapping pictures with her sparkling new iPhone.

David made a face. “Na—it gets boring sometimes. Too much paper work—it’s pretty geeky if you ask me. But we know what he’s doing, eh? It’s so clear now! I can’t believe no one suspects him. But we’ll get him.” His face cracked into a grin. His eyes glittered in anticipation.

She liked how his lips curled when he was enjoying himself. He reminded her of a little boy in a toy store, going crazy as he played with all the new gadgets his little hands could hold. She couldn’t help but smile back. “Good job, inspector. Is he near the pools already?” Kara nodded her head towards the hundreds of pools beyond the red hills.

“Yup—let’s go get him.”

Kara jogged behind David. As they approached the pools, she could make out Benson’s silhouette on the ledge of one in the first row. She saw him squat, pinch his nose, then leap into the air and disappear with a splash.

Kara narrowed her eyes. “You really believe this creep is the traitor?”

“Without a doubt.”

“I wonder what is going on in his head. How can he risk the lives of other angels?”

“’Cause he’s a douche bag.”

“He must really hate you.” Kara bit her lip. “Maybe he has an entirely different agenda? Maybe he wants me dead and not you?”

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