Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

David, the celebrity

Kara opened her eyes. She stared at a brass ceiling, divided into perfect rusty squares. She lay on the bottom of an elevator. Kara clutched the fish net with the soul inside against her chest. She lifted up the fish net and suspended it in front of her face. She gazed intently at the soul. It was unharmed, lighting up her face with its brilliance. Rolling over, Kara pushed herself up and looked at a grinning David.

“That was awesome!” He jumped lightly up and down, looking thrilled. “I haven’t had this much fun in years!”

“Don’t get too excited cowboy. We barely made it.” Kara suppressed a laugh.

There was sudden snort and Kara stepped to the side.

A medium sized grey monkey sat in a chair near the control panel, behind David. It had large square shoulders and a powerful chest. It scratched its bare purple behind, while it stared at David and Kara. Its long face was hairless and sported a furrowed brow. “What floor?” said the monkey annoyed.

Kara flashed her eyes at David. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to monkeys talking—”

“It’s baboon, not monkey! Baboon L006, if you please,” hissed the primate.

David jumped to the opportunity. “Level four, then—good looking,” he said and winked at Kara. The baboon screwed up its face.

“Careful,” said Kara, “it looks about to spit in your face.”

“You GAs are all the same,” said the baboon. “No respect!”

David dusted off his jacket, not paying any attention to the baboon. “Sure thing, hot stuff. Level four—we’re waiting…”

For a moment, nothing happened. Then the baboon spit on the floor, an inch beside David’s boots. It stared at him. Its face crinkled in hatred. Grimacing, it bared a row of large sharp yellow teeth. This baboon looked dangerous. It puffed out its chest, showing off its hard body and turned around on its chair. Lifting a long arm, it pressed the brass button.

After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Kara followed David off the elevator to level four, still clutching the soul against her chest; as a mother would her newborn child. They walked through the Hall of Souls. The vast pace sparkled and shimmered, as though it rained diamonds. Millions of hovering souls illuminated the way as they walked up to the dais, where a great glass desk glistened. The archangel Ramiel was busy writing in a large book. He did not look up.

“Ahem, oh blessedness!” said David as he smirked and curtsied. Kara hid her smile in her hair.

Ramiel lifted his eyes in David’s direction. A frown materialized on his brow. Suddenly, moving with incredible speed, he pushed back his chair, stood up and threw a newspaper at David, barely missing his face. “YOU FOOL!” he roared. “You were SEEN!”

Kara picked up the paper from the floor. It was today’s Montreal Gazette. She and David were seen on the front cover holding hands—falling into the Saint-Laurence River. The heading read:


Couple’s suicide!

A young couple in love plunge to their deaths,

off the Old Port in Montreal.

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