Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Fish nets and salt shakers

David led Kara down a little slope into the heart of the desert. They made their way towards a large white tent resting in the midst of a sandy red ocean. A large powerful man with short black hair sat in a chair.

“Is that another archangel?” asked Kara.


“Thought so. They’re all like really…big.”

“Big men with bigger egos.”

The archangel’s dark brown skin contrasted against his white linen top and trousers. Her eyes moved to his face. It was beautiful, as if some higher power had sculpted it to perfection. She forced herself to look away.

In the light wind sheets of paper fluttered across the top of a great wooden table that ran the length of the tent. She counted ten oracles rolling on their glass globes, rummaging through files along the table. A line of about fifty guardian angels waited patiently on the other side. Some angels stood at the front of the table. They each conversed with an oracle. After a moment, one of the oracles gave an angel a file, who then nodded and marched out of the tent. He walked down a gully and headed towards the pool area. A few minutes later, the guardian angel climbed up a metal staircase and jumped in—without hesitating.

A loud tick tock sound found its way to Kara’s ears. A large brass grandfather clock stood in the background—it read two o’clock.

She followed David to the end of the line and looked up at him. His face cracked into a grin. He winked. She rolled her eyes and turned her head towards the pools. Silhouettes of GAs jumped into the waters of their next assignments. Kara and David stood in silence for a while. The waiting was driving her mad.

“So—what’s the next assignment?” Kara asked.

“Don’t know yet. We’ll know what it is once the oracle gives us the job file.”

Kara sighed. “Right…do you think it’ll be easier or harder this time?”

David shook his head slowly. “I’m not sure.”


Kara’s mind flicked to the mysterious Sarah. She couldn’t get her out of her head. Who was she? Did David break the sacred Horizon laws and had an affair with her? Could angels fall in love? She fought the strange jealous feelings creeping inside her. God, I’m such a retard.  And when Kara looked towards the grand table, they were finally at the head of the line and David addressed the archangel.

“Hey…what’s up, Gabe?” David bared his teeth.

There was a long pause before the archangel lifted his eyes from his paper and gazed upon David. Kara saw him fully. Tall and powerful, with fierce black eyes that seemed to pierce through you. His face was dark and commanding; a magnificent beast of a man and as dangerous as a grizzly bear. His face was twisted in a scowl. “It’s Gabriel,” growled the archangel as his mood darkened. “Ah—and here is our famous delinquent.” The archangel Gabriel towered over them, narrowing his eyes.

Kara bit the inside of her cheek. Wow—does anybody like David in Horizon?

“Ha, ha, ha—very funny, Gabe,” David said and turned to give Kara his trademark wink. He rolled his head back to Gabriel. “So…got anything good for us?”

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