Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Down the toilet

David dropped his bag. He shoved both hands into it and pulled out a long silver dagger with his right hand and grasped a brilliant white orb in the other. “Kara, move!”

But she couldn’t. Glued to the spot, Kara’s body suddenly turned ice cold, as though the temperature in the room had dropped by twenty degrees. Weakened by the evil the creature oozed, Kara felt icy hands tighten around her neck, suffocating the life out of her. “What’s happening?” She brought her hands to her throat and felt the weight of the demon pull her down. Darkness lurked inside her, threatening to consume her mind.

But Kara wasn’t about to let this ugly demon kill her. She was stronger than that. With inner strength, she strained and fought against its evil. After a moment, the cold released itself and dissipated.

“Quick—Behind me!” David pushed Kara hard to the ground. He ran past her and planted himself in the middle of the hall, swinging his weapons before him.

And at that moment, Mrs. Wilkins decided to join the fun.

“What’s all this racket?” She bellowed as she bounced into the hallway between David and Kara. First, she saw David who was holding a very large dagger, and then she turned her attention to Kara on the floor a few feet behind him looking very pale.

“Good, Lord!” Shrieked Mrs. Wilkins, cowering against the wall, “what are you trying to do with that knife!” she cried. “Are you going to murder us—cut out our innards and sell them on the black market?” She squealed as she clutched her chest.

“Lady, we’re here to protect you!” cried David, his eyes locked on to the shadow.

Mrs. Wilkins followed the direction of David’s eyes and saw the demon at the end of the hallway. She gave out a yelp. Taking on a solid form for a moment, the demon showed its true self, a putrid core of intertwined monsters. Wormy tendrils formed legs that it used to propel itself towards them. It flickered, before changing back into black mist.

“Go back to the Netherworld, shadow demon!” David thrust the white orb before him. Brilliant rays of white light shot out of the globe. They flew straight at the shadow demon. They hit. The demon let out an ear-piercing cry as its solid form reappeared covered in light. Convulsing, it flicked and changed back into a black cloud and vanished.

“Kara!” shouted David as he turned around and faced her. “Take Mrs. Wilkins outside—quickly—before more demons come!”

Kara blinked. She stared into David’s face, her feet glued to the ground. Images of demons flashed inside her head—her childhood nightmares were real. Her mother had been telling the truth all along. The demon which tormented her in her dreams, time and time again, had just appeared a few feet away from her. She shook herself out of her trance and forced herself to concentrate on David’s words. She had to do something. She flicked her eyes and watched Mrs. Wilkins. The woman’s body was trembling, her face screwed up in complete terror and bewilderment. She needed Kara’s help. She was the guardian after all. Compelled to do the right thing, she pushed herself up and jumped towards Mrs. Wilkins, tripped and fell flat on her face. Oops.

Mrs. Wilkins on the other hand, decided to move. Trampling over Kara, she stumbled into the kitchen, screaming like a banshee.

“Kara!” yelled David, as he saw Mrs. Wilkins wobbling into dangerous territory. “Mrs. Wilkins’s in the kitchen! The dishwasher! Keep her from it!”

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